Kim Kardashian on Fan Invasion: NOT Cool!

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Kim Kardashian has no problem letting cameras into her life or athletes between her legs. But the reality star has to draw the line somewhere.

And that place is apparently at her front gate.

Kim Kardashian and the Girls

A fan showed up at the edge of Kim's property today, and while no incident seems to have gone down, Kardashian did take to Twitter to warn off others. She wrote:

I pride myself in being very open & available to my fans, but the one place I won't interact or tolerate people showing up to is my home. I wont answer my gate & I don’t find it appropriate. This is my personal space & my comfort zone & when that is violated, I have a problem. I luv 2 meet my fans,u mean the world 2 me but I please ask that u don’t show up 2 my home.It scares me&I feel it violates my personal space. Security will be enforced 24hrs a day. Looks like I will be moving soon...

Speaking of violating Kim's personal space -- ok, nevermind. Stalking actually is a serious issues and we agree: chill, fans.



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