Kevin Federline: Should He Get a Vasectomy?

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Kevin Federline just became a dad for the fifth time. Congratulations are in order. As are questions of when and with whom the guy is going to procreate next.

When Victoria Prince bore him a son named Jordan Kay - interestingly, Kacey Jordan claims to have aborted his baby once - she became his third baby mama.

K-Fed has also sired two children by Shar Jackson, and two more with Britney Spears (who will be paying for all five). We get the point, dude, You are fertile.

You are also a morbidly obese, jobless waste of space. At some point, how many more kids should one bring into the world? All of which begs the question ...

A Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline Picture

Should K-Fed get a vasectomy?

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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You don't have to be well hung to help produce a baby, geeez.


After reading this crap I don't want to hear anything else about black athletes and their babies.


he makes cute baby's and likes being daddy and mommy so why not?


I think kevin is the real gigolo


Apparently he is hung like a horse - that is why he can get these chicks to sleep with him. I'd spread my legs for him too if he wanted! :P


In truth, he's a male whore.


Once he gets a vasectomy, his wife better not let him out of the house. Or, if he's sneaks out of the house while his wife is sleeping and she wakes up noticing he's not there, her and her girlfriend undercovers will all drive around with their "Nextel" radios on and hunt this guy down and bring him home where he belongs, then lock him in a cage. Will that be fun to do? His wife and her girlfriends will love doing that!!!


Kevin has made a direct statement of the times by having so many children out of wed-lock. Hey, why worry huh Kevin their is always welfare and foodstamps, or maybe you'll get lucky and have your drivers license suspended and you can change your identity and ruin someone elses life doing it. Get a clue soical misfits. XXX


If I were to become famous, I wouldn't have much of a life because the PAPPARAZZI will " CALL YOU OUT",AND MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE !!!



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Yo, it's Kevin Federline, yo. Werrrrrd. He's a deadbeat with no redeeming worth whatsoever, but yo, Federleezy is extremely fertile,... More »
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