Juror on Casey Anthony: What an Awful Person!

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They realized it would be a controversial decision to acquit Casey Anthony of murder. Heck, they even hated the girl personally. But the 12-member Orlando-area jury did what they felt was right and let her walk.

The public outrage that followed was not what they expected.

The Casey Anthony jury has received death threats, been barred from restaurants, been shunned by family, even been forced to flee in fear of backlash.

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Their names remain closely guarded, but one male juror consented to speak with People under the condition of complete and utter anonymity.

His basic take? Casey Anthony sucks, but what are you gonna do?

"We all tried hard to separate emotions from the evidence," he says. "Generally, none of us liked Casey Anthony at all. She frankly seems like a horrible person. But the prosecutors did not give us enough evidence to convict."

"They gave us a lot of stuff that makes us think that [Casey Anthony] probably did something wrong, but that is not beyond a reasonable doubt."

Now that the trial is over, life "has been a nightmare," says the juror.

"I have been living in fear that someone will find out who I am. I Google my name every single day to see if anyone has figured out who I am."

"The few people that do know [my true identity] haven't said anything, but one of my friends told me that his wife forbid him to talk to me."

"My own sister cussed me out. It has ruined my life."

Did the jury get it right?


12 Blind Mice...LOL. This jury wanted irrefutable evidence like someone standing up in court and saying, "She did it. I was there. I saw it." Well, that's not how most of these cases work and if that's the kind of evidence juries want and need, then prisons would be empty.
Common sense totally escaped this jury and as a result justice was not served. The people of the State of Florida did not get a fair trial.
My bottom line that I could not get around or find an alternate reasonable theory for was the presence and positioning of the Duck tape placed across the nose/mouth region, blocking airways. What type of drowning accident ends up with Duck tape like this? None. But, Cindy completely bought into the drowning anyway because she's Casey's stupid fool.
Someone said that the month of not reporting a missing child is as compelling as a fingerprint!


Ima Jean has it right. There was enough evidence to prove
the death of Caylee was by the hands of Casey, whether by
accident or on purpose. How the jury overlooked the smell of death
in her trunk, the tape over Caylee, the clothing she was wearing,
the blanket, the heart shaped sticker, that she also used when bury-
ing her pets. Of course the jury never heard about the pet burials.
Why not, it should have come in also.
This jury, the 12 blind mice will be looking for their cheese in
the form of MONEY. I hope they suffer waiting.


Has anyone ever wondered why Caylee had duct tape over her mouth and head. She was locked in the trunk while alive and mommy-dearest wanted to make sure Caylee didn't draw attention while she was with her boyfriend. The little girl died from the heat and then her body was allowed to decompose while Casey continued to party it up. She was texting her friend, Amy, about how her dad had hit a squirrel and it was stuck under her car and stinking it up. Yeah, she may have not killed her directly but she did cause her daughter's horrifying death! Murderer, plain and simple.




Pepper: you must have had pepper in your eyes if you couldn't see
what 85% of America saw. You are just the reason our jury system needs
a complete overhaul. Peers like you make giant mistakes, like the 12
blind mice of Orlando.


They did The right thing there was Not enough to convict and it is Not The jury who brings charges.


what is confusing to me is, they got her on lying to the police, so if she lied to the police didn't they wonder why did Casey have to lie so much, well maybe because she killed her baby..You only lie to cover up something They did not connect the dots and now Casey walks free to do as she pleases, Where is the justice for little Caylee.
@Jessica, the real killer is Casey Anthony, she said that it was an accident her attorney said it in court. They don't need to look any further.


the only thing i gotta say is any caring mother would have called for help not stuffed their daughter in the trunk of their caar to rot then bury her in the yard like a dog...to me...thats all the god damn evidence the jury needed...not to mention her 100 different stories for defense.


The one big question for the jury:
How did a 6-6 count go to 12-0 for not guilty
in a few hours. Someone was leading the other 11
blind mice to a big payoff. Who exactly is that
leader? We will find out.


The only reason these jurors are speaking out now..for one they want the money to speak in interviews..and two they know everyone hates them for this..they want to try to make themselves look better by saying they all hated her..and I wonder and hope they feel guilty for letting someone guilty as sin walk free..and possibly make lots of money off her dead child..there was some things that they didn't get to see that we knew..like every time they were in the court room Casey would put on a fake sad and mad face..but than when they were not in there she looked all happy and care free.