Fedora Fashion Face-Off: John vs. Johnny!

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Note to John Mayer: get your own look!

The irritating artist was spotted out this week in an ensemble that eerily resembles the typical fashion choices of Johnny Depp: facial hair in specific spots, a fedora, a shirt.

Depp, whose latest movie trailer has been released, is yet to comment. But we'd like to hear from THG readers. What do you think of this blatant ganking? And who wears this fashion statement the best?

Fashion Face-Off!

One of these men is Johnny Depp. The other is trying to look like Johnny Depp. Which do you prefer? View Poll »

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Don't wait for someone else to give you hoemtsing. All you ever have is your excuses or motivation. You can either sleep all day, or stay up all day. It's really all about EMPOWERING YOURSELF. Wise words.


Actually, I was wearing a beard and a wide brimmed Borosolino Fedora before either one of them. Rock stars are always stealing my look.


Love Depp, Mayer is just mayrr


ROFLMAO!!! John Mayer trying to be Johnny Depp! NEVER! Sorry, John, not gonna happen. He's the original and there's not a single person like him in the world. No one can come close. Depp is the REAL McCoy and always will be. JM needs to find his OWN style ;).


Oh my... It's not this guy's FIRST time! What's his problem? He ACTUALLY thinks he can pull off Johnny Depp's style!?!?


lol that first sentence is so right! john mayer will never be as great as johnny depp.