Dr. Conrad Murray Case: Prosecutors Seek Ban on Michael Jackson Molestation References

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Prosecutors trying to convict Dr. Conrad Murray of involuntary manslaughter want to make sure the trial does not become about Michael Jackson's personal life.

In particular, they want the judge to disallow all testimony related to allegations of Michael Jackson molesting children, and to block a potentially key witness.

Steve Robel, a key Santa Barbara County Sheriff's investigator in MJ's 2005 molestation trial, is on the witness list compiled by Dr. Conrad Murray's team.

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Dr. Murray's trial is scheduled to get underway next month.

Prosecutors want all references to molestation barred from Murray's trial, on grounds it has nothing to do with MJ's death and would merely inflame the jury.

Also, prosecutors have also asked the judge to block the testimony of doctors who treated Jackson but were not involved in his care at the time of his death.

This is a major issue that could dramatically alter the case. Why?

The defense will argue at least nine other doctors addicted MJ to meds - including Propofol - and are responsible for the condition Michael was in.

Murray, therefore, cannot be held responsible for what happened.

Judge Pastor has not ruled on the motions, but what he decides on that point could be critical in determining how Murray's defense takes shape.

Pastor has, however, determined that the Murray jury will NOT be sequestered during the trial, as he does not want jurors to feel like inmates.

Pastor feels that even though Jackson's death was incredibly high profile, measures will be in place to make sure the jury is not contaminated.

Murray's team argued that sequestering the jury would be the only way to prevent their client from full-on character assassination by the press.

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When is the next trial?


michael's 2005 case has nothing to do with this case...they just want to throw any thing against the wall and see what sticks!!!


I agree they should allow others case that brought up again that gas nothing to do w/ Michael death !

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