Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller: One Harmonious Family?

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Charlie Sheen, a responsible father and ex-husband?

This thought would have been comical a few months ago, but the actor has recently been taking steps to get his loved ones in order. Most recent case in point: paying for Brooke Mueller's rehab and finding her a team of trustworthy doctors.

On Sunday, meanwhile, the former couple posed for a portrait with twin sons Bob and Max. They look like a regular, happy family, don't they?

Charlie, Brooke and Twins

"Harmony is our goal," Sheen told TMZ, saying the kids played around with their parents and ate candy all day. "Sunday was a wonderful start."

When Mueller is finished with her latest round of treatment, Sheen says he wants her to find a home in his neighborhood. Could the troubled star actually, finally have discovered the true meaning of "winning?"

It's spending time with your family, people.


Is it just me or does it seem from this photo that Sheen and Mueller look all upbeat and happy but the two little boys look totally confused and like deer in headlights? I wish both of these people wil really stand up and be parents to those little boys. I really hope they do. But it seems the boys have known nothing but chaos their whole lives and it is going to take more than one weekend and way more than one "family" photo to undo the damage already caused. I really, really hope Sheen and Mueller get their collective crap together in order too help their kids.


Me too!! Go Charlie!


I love Charlie Sheen, an eccentric and somewhat tortured character but also a good person.

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