Casey Anthony Going Back to College ... Online

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Who the heck knows what Casey Anthony did to pass the time in jail, but now that she's out, she's essentially a prisoner again, stuck in Florida serving probation, unable to go anywhere in public without fear if someone coming at her with a crude shank, or throwing a burlap sack over her head and stuffing her in the back of a van.

In a manner of speaking. Don't get any ideas, Orlando residents.

Crying in Court

Sources say the acquitted murder suspect is going back to college online. While confined to the Sunshine State, she's determined to better herself.

Casey will hit the books from the comfort of her own home, the location of which is top secret. Not that she planned to spend time outside anyway.

Anthony will be watched by a 24-hour security team, reports say.

No word yet on what she'll be studying, or if the security people will also make sure she completes all her homework assignments on time.


come on now what mother would want to kill their innocent daughter. I dont hate the mother i just think that she is unstabble yes i do believe that she should get her college degree because she needs to get a education just like any other human being but i think that she should get help and so to weekly sessions because she has issues. it is just a said situation for everyone especially the family like the grandparents omg she was just a child.


She is the worst person. It's funny but many people don't have the opportunity to study because of the money and now this scum bag has the opportunity. The best thing she can do is relocate in a foreing country and never look back.


Your God maybe an angry one.
People who kill people make our God angry.
Don't be afraid to voice your opinion, afraid
of Gods wrath. He wants all good people to speak up
when an injustice has been done. If people are quiet
Casey may just try it again. We will never let up on her,
she is a killer. You cry for her alone, that is except for
the 12 blind mice of Orlando.


Remember, the more you hate people, the more that God will pour His wrath upon you, and breathe out His fiery anger against you. Redeem yourselves by not hating Casey Anthony, by wishing her a healthy, happy life. She is part of you and me and of all humanity. By wishing her death and misery, God will make your wish come true upon you.


I encourage Casey Anthony to sell her underwear on Ebay with the help of her lover Baez. She will be a millionaire in no time. After all, Baez has experience in selling bikinis.


So she wants to get an education. I think she's an awful person and should have been found guilty, but I have no problem with her getting an education. What would be worse: her not getting educated and staying on welfare for the rest of her life or her getting an education and having the potential to get a job and get off of welfare (assuming someone would have her)? This has to be the only good idea she's done recently. Casey's done a lot of stupid moves with and without the help of her lawyers, but I can't hate her for this.


a team of shrinks, a security team, now college. who the hell is paying for all of this?


steph, I am with you on the special treatment. Where does the DOC get off on saying one thing and doing another to the poor Florida taxpayers expense. They said: "She wouldn't be treated any different than any other felon/crimial" so what are they doing. When do they think she's gonna be integrated into society..when she graduates from college. DUHHHHH?????


Casey DOES NOT have a high school diploma. I'm sure one of her attorneys (and she has many) will have any one of their employees do the "online" GED program for Casey. The State Dept of Corrections (probation) will once again "Waive" the requirement to take the GED test in "person" due to the so called "security risks" and her attorney's employees will take the GED test for her. Wow...instant GED and she does nothing but take the credit like she has done her entire life.. Just another LIE in a Casey Anthony day. The DOC will Undoubtedly give her a "pass" on the "truthfullness" of her monthly report also since Casey has NEVER and WILL NEVER UTTER A TRUTHFULL CYLLABLE IN HER MISERABLE LIFE.


If Casey is indigent are the tax payers paying for her school now?

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