Britney Spears: Pole Dancing For Pauly D!

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Sorry, Deena Nicole Cortese.

We like you, and sure, you and Pauly D were sweet on this week's Jersey Shore. But after the show Britney Spears put on for the DJ last night ... wow.

Pauly D has reached his career apex following a frisky lap dance from the singer, who he is touring with, during her rendition of "Lace and Leather."

When Britney Spears' legs end up around your head, a single guy can consider that a pretty good night out. Check out the video from Montreal:

Three observations come to mind:

  1. How hot is Britney Spears?
  2. Could Pauly be any happier?
  3. This really goes on at a Britney Spears concert? Don't young girls go to her shows? She's sure teaching them how to go "Up N Down." Goodness.

Hell yeah!!


Um hello it's 2011 and Britney's fans are obviously grown ups, considering I am now 26 years old! Just attended the concert and can assure you there were no little girls w/ hands over eyes! Lots of 20 somethings enjoying a pop icon making an incredible come back! Get over it folks! Shame on you whistle whistle whistle!


i dont get people hating her for this? shes being known to do these stuff and people who went to her concert would know and this isnt really a surprise. well she looks like she happy her fans look happy thats all that matters


Here's my question? Does Canada still love BRITNEY??


omg, i think i just lost my hearing with that girls ear shattering scream, it sounded like a boiling kettle


Hey, nothing wrong with having fun. Paul D. Is absolutely enjoying all this attention. As for Britney, she's single and young and having fun. Something good could come out of this, like a friendship or even a lifetime relationship..


Are we living in Sodom and Gomorrah? This world is going to HELL in a hand-basket!! FATHER, have mercy on people who act like this and those that think this type of behavior is respectful.


Could she act any trampier?


Is he even a D.J?

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