Beyonce Puts "Love on Top" at Video Music Awards

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First, Beyonce showed off her baby bump. Then, she took to the stage at the VMAs last night and showed off her unmatched talent.

The singer belted out a version of "Love on Top," highlighted by a repetition of the chorus to close the number and then a pregnant pose by the artist. Cut to backstage, where Kanye West congratulated Jay-Z as the crowd went wild and we had a legitimately touching few moments.

Once again, congratulations to this couple. Sit back and watch an expecting Beyonce in action now:

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U song the hell out that song ma that dude put ur love on top forget everybody else It's u and him and miss lady god bless


Congrats!!B and J, I'm happy 4 both of u. May u b Bless with a healthy baby and many more!! All u haters need 2 STOP hating on B. Love U Beyonce!!


wtf? Is this guy talking about below me? Lol


Beyonce Giselle Knowles is that really you pregnant honey what about me and all the things i did for you and your family and the entire music industry thats foul i guess you forgot me to:( all those times was just a waste 1993-2011 and still .....thats not fair america i loved beyonce giselle knowles you tricked her into that stuff and you lied to her and her said you did those songs for her but you know deep inside it was really me all the time:( ITS NOT Fair GOD YOU LIED ALSO:(

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