Aubrey O'Day Does What Aubrey O'Day Does Best

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Aubrey O'Day is still around, and doing whatever it is she does.

The singer/reality star was out on the town at a launch party for Kim Kardashian's Kollection on Wednesday evening in a pink and black striped "dress."

Aubrey was seen at another point that same night at a party for the LG Revolution wearing the same thing, and at a Verizon party the following night.

Same outfit. Why argue with a good thing? Or two?

Aubrey O'Day, Breasts

In the mind of Aubrey O'Day, nothing demands major breast exposure like a party for Kim Kardashian, a new cell phone or clothes you can buy at Sears.


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Get a life bitchy peeps.


I guess all it takes is to have huge, fake boobs and then barely cover your nipples to become
famous! Like everyone hasn't seen this trash before??


She has to do something to take the attention away from that face.


To hmm: you read my mind.EXACTLY what i was gonna say


What is wrong with her boobies? They look really obviously saggy, and who is crazy enough to expose such ugly cleavage? Honestly.


Khloe Kardashian, she is very beautiful lady, i agree that


She looks like she has some nasty tit sweat...eeeewww


damn Aubrey. Didnt kno u wuz so damn dirty