Tyler Hadley Allegedly Kills Parents, Throws Party With Bodies Upstairs

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Tyler Hadley, a 17-year-old high school dropout from Port St. Lucie, Fla., allegedly bludgeoned his parents to death with a hammer, according to police.

He then invited dozens of friends via Facebook to a house party while the bodies of Blake and Mary Jo Hadley lay upstairs in a bedroom, police say.

Acting on an anonymous tip, officers visited the home Sunday and Tyler initially told them his parents were out of town, says Capt. Don Kryak.

Tyler Hadley Mug Shot

Police entered the house and stunningly found the bodies in the locked master bedroom on the floor, partially covered with towels, books and files.

A hammer believed to be the murder weapon used by Tyler Hadley lay between them. "It was a merciless killing," says Kryak, stating the obvious.

As for the party, as many as 60 people Tyler invited via Facebook showed up, and the bash went from about 9 p.m. until the early hours of Sunday.

"He had the party after the homicides took place," says Kryak.

It was not known if any attendees saw the bodies, but a rumor started that Tyler killed his parents, and a tip thankfully made its way to the police.

Unlike with Casey Anthony, we don't see a surprise acquittal here.


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It is not up to us to decide whether he should rot in hell, we aren't the judge, God will judge this person who did this to his own parents.


Frank b @;u put a gud question,....D guy shld rot in hell....


after the poor caylee indicdent, this god -awful crime just doesn't suprise me . as a matter of fact, nothing does. i hope he rots in jail, dying a more horriable death than his parents, which is impossible. murdering, heartless , punk !!


I do not defend this young man in anyway. And he WILL get punished, to be sure. But I wonder what the comments would have been if this had been a young girl who did this heinous crime, instead of a male??? I guarantee you that the responses here would be much more "supportive".


I hope that rotton little low life will be the bitch of an aids ridden inmate! A just punishment for that murdering little punk!


There's actually a facebook page with his friends who are backing him and blaming his parents.


this is an obvious case of a spoiled child that was never told no as a child and threw a bit** fit. All i have to say is by looking at his pik on facebook he seems to be straight up bit** material. He may have killed his mother and father but i guarante his punkd out a** will be calling someone daddy in maximum security prison!


This punk a$$ slays his folks probably because he didnt want to follow their rules.
Now hes facing life in prison (or worse) where he'll have no choice but to follow the rules.
Kids this young are young, dumb & stupid.....emphasis on STUPID!