The Situation: Sued By Managers For $1 Million

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Quite a day for Mike Sorrentino news.

First, The Situation left Jersey Shore for unknown reasons, with no return in sight. Now his managers have just filed a $1 million lawsuit, alleging that they were wrongfully dumped after turning a complete nobody into a megastar.

Gotham NYC Entertainment filed the suit today, claiming Sitch dumped them back in May "due to lack of performance," but legally could not.

Your Shirt is Too Small

According to the lawsuit, he was contractually required to give Gotham 30 days notice and a chance to correct any issues. Gotham claims it got neither.

Therefore, they say, Sorrentino is in breach of contract.

Having managed Situation since the 2009 premiere of Jersey Shore, Gotham claims it not only "discovered" the Staten Island product, but transformed "his career from relative obscurity to become an international celebrity."

Gotham is suing for damages in excess of $1 million.

No comment yet from the reality star's camp, which recently settled a legal dispute - with his own dad. It's also unclear why he bolted the Shore house or whether he'll return. We'll have to stay tuned on both fronts ...



Aww I love Him hes` so part of the show I mean yes he bangs on the JS. but hes` much more of a person minus the show! I think they all are but The Show is reailty ! That when your in front of a camera your going to be doing something Stupid! Love The Situation! Loves! The jersey Shore! cast! I Have My faves! Sammi! sweetheart!


I'm a fan of the jersey shore but not the situation he is a stuck up arrogant womanizer who might have a gang of std's or should have them how can u be so nasty to sleep with different ppl that u don't know. Wow that made him famous though I'm deffiantely taking the wrong path in life I do have to admitt he brings a lot of the drama on the show their ratings may suffer with out him. When u r famous u need to dot ur I's and cross ur ('s because everyone wants a piece of ur pie so instead of being impulsive u must think ur every move through. I guess he will be writting a check lol


All the Jersey Shore Gang need to go back where they came from...

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