The Situation Settles Feud with Mr. The Situation

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A simmering feud between Situations has been settled.

Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino filed papers today to dismiss a lawsuit he had set in motion against his dad, Frank. Son had been angry that father had been blasting him the press and attempting to profit off his (hilarious) name.

Close-Up of The Sitch

Frank has promised to avoid the same mistakes in the future, but he also places most of the blame on Robert Fletcher, a publishing agent who Frank claims was behind this video.

Frank has taken down his anti-Situation website and writes in court documents: "I regret getting involved with Robert Fletcher and I am sorry that I participated, to the detriment of my son Michael."

Fletcher actually paid Mike $5,000 as part of this settlement. What a ridiculous... sorry, but it's true... situation.



Poor situation gettin $5000 coz your dad publicly exaggerated his steam off, not once but twice... Sensitive little baby; wouldn't you just look down on your dad and feel sorry for him? Why would you file a suit against your own father? Is it not enough that you yourself know your truth? and Are you not big enough to take it in your stride? - apparently not...


Does anyone take personal responsibility for anything anymore? I clearly can recall when Papa Situation went onto a vicious diatribe, not once but twice, against his son but now, it's Robert Fletchers fault? I'm sorry there Frank but no one had a gun to your head, as you spewed your venom about your son to the entire world. That is/was entirely your doing.

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