The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Recap: Beasts! All of Them!

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The Real Housewives sat down to dish about the season and poor Andy was exhausted before it was over. Get ready to relive it with our +/- review!

The name calling didn't stop as the ladies rehashed our favorite fights. It seemed to be blondes versus brunettes ... and Alex against everyone.

In fact, Alex seemed to try and insert herself into everyone else's drama, even when it had nothing to do with her. I know all of these woman are in it for the attention but Minus 7 to Alex for being so obvious about it.


Sonja blamed someone else for the Marriage Equality debacle. Of course Bravo didn't air the person's name but some anonymous person wouldn't let Simon speak, not Sonja. And Alex was looking to make nice and brush it all under the rug. 

Plus 5 to Kelly for calling them on their bullshit and revisionist history. Speaking of Kelly, Cosmopolitan just rated her one of their nicest celebrities and she seemed to believe her own press. Minus 3 because that's always dangerous.

Viewer question: Why did Kelly call Alex weird? Well, all of these women are weird and Alex does always turn red when she speaks. Yeah. It's a little weird. Plus 2.

We had a look back at Kelly dissing Sonja's house, cleanliness, and finances. Are those the type of comments that get you on Cosmo's nice list? Minus 5.

We'll move onto Sonja who has had a tough year. She not only lost her lawsuit, she lost her panties, time and time again. The joke, as well as the view got old fast. Minus 8

Of course the lack of underwear didn't seem to bother Sonja. She's more upset about her conversation with Jill concerning her bankruptcy. Well, that's the risk you take when you sign up for reality TV. You never know what you might end up showing the world.

The Jill and Ramona saga continued. Seemed Jill wasn't saying that Mario was cheating on Ramona but she was actively promoting the rumor. Are we in high school? Minus 10.

So Much Drama at the Reunion

But Plus 7 for saying that Ramona was most likely menopausal, not pregnant. At fifty-something it's just common sense, no matter how much Ramona wants to justify otherwise.

Then Jill accuses Ramona of ambushing her friendship with Bethenny and claims that Bethenny scared her. Oh please. Minus 7. Bethenny has moved on. Everyone else needs to as well.

Ramona insults Jill's husband Bobby and calls Jill a loser. Minus 6.

In return Jill calls Ramona a low life. The name calling could have gone on all night without Andy's intervention.

The funniest part was that Alex kept trying to interject herself into their fight. Jill called her and f-ing bitch and an idiot. Plus 10 for not holding back.

Viewers called Kelly the voice of reason this season and I will admit, it seemed like someone adjusted her medication. When Alex tried to interject, Kelly just kept talking. No, Alex she wasn't railroading you. She was ignoring you. Minus 5 for not taking the hint.

Housewives Reunion Shot

Cindy's turn. In my opinion, Cindy was the least interesting Housewife this season ... and the most surly. That didn't change at the reunion. 

Minus 15 for making us sit through yet another discussion about Cindy's conference call at Sonja's brunch. Cindy can defend herself all she wants to. It was simply rude.

It didn't seem like anyone liked Cindy. Sonja dissed her party. Ramona beat up on her brother and Alex told her she needed to get laid. But to be perfectly honest if Cindy disappeared for next season it would be no great loss. Plus 10 if Bravo takes the hint.

Finally we get down to Luann and Ramona and that's when things got nasty. Boy, did Ramona's claws come out.

Ramona obviously felt threatened by the Countess, although I'm not sure why. But the dirt started to fly.

Ramona called out Luann's open marriage and claimed her daughter Victoria had transferred to four different schools in just a few years. An obvious hit to Luann's parenting abilities.

Minus 10 because I expected better from Ramona. Dragging the kids into this was just plain wrong. You can throw one another and your husbands under the bus all you'd like but leave the kid's issues out of it.

Jill's so pissed she needed a break and apparently so did we because this reunion show will continue next week.



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i adree vicki kelly is a bunny boiler and cindy well apart from advertisind her dentist she doesnt do much more


I agree with Connecticut....Ramona is HORRIFIC:(


So sorry part of my comment was left out....I meant to say the only 2 that need to realize they dont come close to the other housewives are Alex and Simon. They are so below the others! Why do they think anyone cares about their lives!?


Im a big fan of the show and love Jill, the Countess LuAnn,and Kelly! i know they make mistakes but they are human! i think Alex and Simon are jokes! They think they are these important socialites....JOkE! Alex thinks she's a model? What person in their right mind would think she's beautiful? She's scary!!! She has a husband who bullies or tweets rude things about the other housewives....he thinks he's this big bad dude but to pick on women?? Thats just wrong and really sad and immature! He is NO MAN! I truly feel bad for have her private details of her private financial problems blasted on tv isnt fair. Ramona needs to stop being so dilusional and be there for her beautiful daughter. The only 2 that really need to fface the facts that they are no where near the specialness of the other wives! Cindy has beautiful twins! And a great business need to open a place in the western part oof lower Michigan! Jill you ROCK!


in my opinion Cindy contributes absolutely nothing to the show and Kelly is psycho. Get rid of both of them!


How does Kelly get off with saying she was "Abused" when in fact she is the abuser. Their are real women out there ( and men too) who are TRULY being abused and have nowhere to go and no way out.... SHAME ON HER for trying to get sympathy and acting like a victim when their are real victims who need help, she needs to go away. I cannot beleive the women haven't called her out on this one, she HIT her boyfriend, but she's the victim from a slap in the face? I don't get it, but then again it is Kelly, she makes my brain hurt.


Jill will never get over Betheny, how pathetic, and blames everyone for it but herself. I can't stand her, get a life. She is always stuffing her face with either a diet something or food. Kelly has got to go, dumb as dirt, she is a total joke, she is like a crazy wind up doll. The other ladies are not perfect but are entertaining and interesting.
Bethany has her own show because she is so real and good and freaking funny. I love her and her family. Go Bethany.


Andy, please listen to MY "voice of reason" .... Kelly is a crack pot - you must have set the bar so low for her after the Scary Island Fiasco that even her incessant rambling, repetitive one-liners and futile attempts for attention this season was such an improvement from last season that you felt the need to compliment her on good behavior? But "voice of reason" is an oxymoron when it comes to Kelly - heavy on moron part! Most of us veteran RHONY viewers agree - the cast members have become toxic to the show. Dump them and start over!


Ramona is horrific. Clearly has a drinking problem among other issues. Why would anyone want to do business with her, she seems unstable. To say what she did to Jill Zarin regarding AA was unforgivable.

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