So You Think You Can Dance Results: Down to Six...

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Lady GaGa took to the stage and two more contestants took to the road on So You Think You Can Dance last night. A detailed review follows.

Group Dance - Contemporary (Tyce Diorio) - The group performed a circus themed piece with Jess as the ringmaster and it was interesting to see everyone’s moves used in a freaky kind of way. They managed to cover up Tadd's lack of contemporary skills by placing him on a rope swinging around instead of doing choreography. It was fun to watch because there was so much to look at.

Jess LeProtto and Jordan Casanova

Eliminations - The four girls were up on stage first to find out who was in the bottom. At this point, there was a clear divide between them. Sasha and Melanie basically could do no wrong, even with Sasha's forgettable Quickstep. Melanie also had the advantage of having Neil as her all-star.

The problem with Jordan and Caitlynn is that they fill the same dance-type: sexy contemporary. Jordan had a rocky night with an okay Tyce routine and an above average rhumba. Caitylnn was forgettable. After the commercial break, the top two girls were obviously Sasha and Melanie.

The guys followed with their eliminations. Jess continued to be just blah. Marko had one of the most moving contemporary routines and was the standout of the hip-hop routine with Ricky. Marko was easily safe and Jess was in the bottom. Ricky's jive mostly upset me because the show didn't choose either the Tina Turner original or Glee's version of "River Deep, Mountain High" to dance to. Tadd benefitted from having a SYTYCD winner perform with him as well. Ricky was safe with the help of the Marko hip-hop. He was as shocked as I have been. Tadd was in the bottom four.

Musical Guest Performance - LXD (The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) - I've caught LXD's videos on Hulu and love watching how artistic they are. The group managed to give such an classy look to bone-breaking. Christopher Scott proved that he's not only a good choreographer, but still a great dancer.

Jordan - Jordan returned to her sex kitten performance, using the Rihanna’s lyrics to emphasize her choreography. It's funny how much of "S&M" had to be edited to comply with standards. Her splits are amazing but she needs to put more content in her dances. All her routines, no matter what tempo, feels like: split, arabesque, spin, shake butt, and repeat until time runs out.

Jess - She returned to the stereotypical Broadway routine with suspenders and gloves. He did a really long spinning sequence and ended with his split. Jess has run out of inspiration being in the bottom once before and having to do a solo during the Top 10. Didn't the judges criticize him for mugging too much?

Caitlynn - The one advantage of having Caitlynn and Jordan on the bottom, the performance is the apples to apples comparison. Caitlynn had more content in her routine and used her butt-poof to her advantage. The performance was still sleep-inducing, but better than Jordan’s' routine.

Tadd - He wins for doing two things: using the light fixture and choosing "Jump in the Line." Unlike the other three dancers, Tadd is bringing different solo performances each time he performs, but you still know exactly who Tadd is and what he's good at. It's possible that as a break dancer he has flashier moves, but it's also the technique of stringing the moves together.

Musical Performance - Lady GaGa "You & I"/"Edge of Glory" - Lady GaGa moved from judging last night to performing tonight and while it was obvious the performance was pre-taped, Lady GaGa was still energetic. She jumped right into the middle of "Glory" in hopes more to advertise her new single. She's releasing these singles too quickly. If you kept your eye on the backup dancers you could see SYTYCD alum Mark right behind Lady GaGa; probably the reason why he's not an All-Star this season. The routine was one of Lady GaGa's dance oriented routines and at least she catered the performance the show she was on.

THE RESULTS - Nigel pointed out that he was disappointed by both girls' routines, but Jordan was eliminated. It seems like the judges have a personal preference for Caitlynn. As for the guys, Nigel appreciated Jess' character and Tadd's unique dancing. Uniqueness won over character and Jess was eliminated. There's something about Jess' face that comes off naturally smug that I could never be a fan of.

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