Should Oprah Winfrey Host the Academy Awards?

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She's off the small screen, but might Oprah Winfrey play a role in big screen affairs next year?

Motion Picture Academy sources tell The Chicago Sun-Times that the former talk show host is in contention to host the 2012 Academy Awards. The event will be broadcast on ABC, which has a close relationship with Oprah, and a deal could even be finagled that would give OWN exclusive rights to some kind of post-Oscars telecast.

Such a deal would be a boon to the struggling network and might be the only reason Oprah would consider the gig.

Oprah and Fans

No matter what direction the Oscars choose, it's a lock the next host will be more entertaining than the last two.

Do you think Oprah should host the show?


I loved the Oprah Winfrey Show. The Woman's got Class and has worked hard for everything shes accomplished. She has shown love and has inspired so many of her friends and fans. Yes, she deserves to Host the Academy Awards. The movies shes been in were brilliant. YOU GO GIRL, KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF


I wouldn't watch it with Oprah hosting it...was happy to see her leave..go back to your own failing network and let us be lol


Big NO!!! Bitch can't stand not being the center of attention. She should be content with paying more attention to Gayle than Steadman.


I'm not surprised they want her so badly. She's way funnier than anyone else who ever hosted it.


I'll gladly sign the petition to bring back Billy Crystal!!


No. Shes not funny & she really doesnt have the type of personality needed to host a fast paced show with so very many nuances. I know I wouldnt watch it.

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