Rebecca Black Wants to Be Taken Seriously

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Rebecca Black is well aware that she's more of a punch line than a respected artist.

But that's why the 13-year old has followed up her much-maligned debut single, "Friday," with "My Moment," a more mature track that tackles the topic of bullying and online hatred.

Black, Rebecca

"I wanted people to able to take me seriously because I felt like this would be the right thing to do," Black told MTV of the song selection. "I wanted to start building what could be a really great career, but this industry, it's so unpredictable: You could be the big thing for a month or four months, and then kind of fall off the face of the planet. And I felt my whole team kind of felt like it was a great way to put me here for an amount of time."

"My Moment" is the lead single from Black's upcoming album. It will be released next month and feature only five tracks.



Rebecca Black may not be the best singer or the worst singer, but people should give her a chance to prove herself as an artist. Everyone in this world deserves a chance at super-stardom. Some people think if they continue to make hateful and derogatory comments to silence Black - they are wrong! Black has made herself understood, that she will not be intimidated by those wanting to silence her, and I applaud her for standing up those idiots that lack intellect. Based on my observation of Black's singing ability, she does have some talent and a need for some improvement. Does Black have potential to become a serious artist? Anything is possible. So, before you criticize, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Than ask yourself, what kind of a person you see?


I'll take her seriously because she deserves that chance. A ton of famous musicians out there can't really sing, but we don't care if they can sing or not. It's not her trying to annoy you (seriously, if you don't like her, don't listen, she's probably not aiming to sing/write/perform for you anyway), it's her following her dream and taking advantage of the chance she's been given. And I respect her for that. If you don't, good for you, you don't have to tell a 14-year-old girl she has no talent when we don't even know if she does or not.


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ok....shes seriously becoming annoying...what does she wants us to say? "with my up most respect,your brilliant and none of those critism were true?" u need to stop acting like this in order for people to respect u. her voice is actually quite alright if the autotune it


brittany uses autotune & look how famous she is!!!


Wat da kuk is wrong with her?!?! She sings like a 7 year old & wants 2 b more mature?!?! I'm guessing her next song will b "it's my moment, my moment,my moment,my moment...." Who even produced Friday.... Some one must've realised it SUCKZ?!?!


Black will never be taken seriously, 'Friday' was such a joke.


She can't fkn sing, give it up little girl.


She owes her celebrity to her inability to sing. Thanks to autotune she is allowed to exploit a serious topic and minimize the damage done to real victims of bullying. Go back home, Rebecca...your mama's waiting for ya.


youll never be taken seriously beacuse a) u really cant sing and b)ur too naive
so shut ur trap and let kids who can really sing have the spotlight cus u dont deserve it


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