Lindsay Lohan Believes She's Important, Should've Gotten Black Swan Role

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Good to see Lindsay Lohan is staying true to her delusional, diva roots.


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    hey why are we still dissing on this poor soul
    aint her 15 minutes up yet?


    gosh how did she beet that theft of the necklace wrap
    but hey its california.they had the son of a nazi for the way?isnot lohan yesterdays news?


    light joinc clue bey seen mov


    Dear Anastacia, you are clearly an idiot. Kindly remove yourself from my planet. Love, God.


    Way to teach your delusional train wreck some manners, Dina. Speaks so highly of your parenting skills.


    This woman thinks she is so important and she is NOT so whatever she was given over the years makes her feel important so if she refused something her nose goes out of joint AW poor thing.

    To me she is common white trash nothing more nothing less.


    I wish you people with no lives would stop hating on her. She is a beautiful talented girl who got thrust into this business as a child with a selfish mother and crazy father who did nothing to nurture her sense of decency or give her any guidance what so ever. The poor girl is just looking for some love and acceptance that she never got as a child. She needs love, help, therapy and blessings, not all this hate. I blame the parents.


    Let's face it. The only way Lindsay will ever reach any level of notoriety enough to please her narcissistic, self indulging self, is if she died a tragic Hollywood death. She would then be relevant, her movies would be played on her fave networks, and her royalties could help keep her family in rehab forever!


    Portman should have played the Black Swan..but Lohan is interchangable with Miley Kunis....


    Think about it though, she's working for free trips to Miami now. There is no way anyone will ever hire her for anything more than a cameo - she's never going to star in a movie again. She'll do a few before she dies in a crash, drug deal gone bad, or OD's - there is no successful "come back" because there hardly was a career there anyway other than in her mind. She's a douche bottom feeder who got ground up in Hollywood.

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