Jury: Casey Anthony Behavior, Partying "Heinous" and "Disgusting" ... But Not Evidence

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Jurors in the Casey Anthony case were "disgusted" by her behavior, and "sick" over the decision to find her not guilty, but still felt they did the right thing.

The foreman said that her shady behavior and evidence of whether or not she murdered Caylee are two different things, and the former didn't matter.

"We were asked ... to convict on cause of death," the foreman, juror No. 11, said on Fox News. "That's something that, although it is disgusting, it is heinous, we weren't really able to take into consideration with the verdict."

Casey Release Imminent

The jury foreman, who asked that his name not be used due to possible death threats, said the jury deliberated by considering the physical evidence.

One Casey Anthony video deemed too inflammatory was not included.

Ultimately, despite the duct tape found on Caylee Anthony's remains, the possible use of chloroform and the strange circumstances, it wasn't enough.

They eventually found Casey Anthony, 25, not guilty of murdering Caylee, but guilty of lying to police four times in the course of their investigation.

"We knocked those out right away because the evidence was there," the jury foreman said, but the murder charge was a different story entirely.

An early vote on the murder charge in the jury room was 10-2 to find Casey Anthony not guilty, he said. Less than 11 hours later, it was 12-0.

"I think emotion [about Casey's behavior] could have played into it, just gut response," the juror said, though he never asked his counterparts.

Eventually, the two dissenters came around, he added, as jurors considered what they felt were holes in the prosecution's evidence.

What do you think? Did the jurors get it right?


The jury got it wrong...period.


The jury had it right. Casey Anthony is not guilty of murder. Casey's selfishness and her wanting to party did not kill Caylee. But I believe George Anthony and his sexual incestuous perversions did. I can't see how a young mom with a limited education even know what Chloroform was and what it is used for. But an ex cop would most certainly know what Chloroform is. Stop wasting your time hating on other moms and judging them for liking to go out, and stick to raising your own kids, since you're so much better at it. Nancy Grace is a bad example and should be removed from television. She's a media whore and will one day lose her job for being so biased and nasty and for targeting young, single moms with missing kids. Other families have missing, murdered and abused kids too and she never covers their stories, because she makes more money hating on Casey Anthony. One day you Nancy follower puppets will see that.


everyone has a opinion and its really easy to say what we would do but its a very different story when you are the one in the court room day in and out. And these ppl didint see everything we did. Many times they had to leave. These ppl arent dumb or stupid and the ppl that say that need to really understand things before they just shoot off their mouth. If you dnt like the rules on how a person is convicted then advocate to change the law! And to the person on here that said death was proved because homicide was checked... Thats still not a cause of death. In fact im sure they assumed homicide because she was a young child with great health, but as u said organs were no help so really they couldnt test anything to know for sure. Noone can say if that baby died from drowning or chloroform or suffication. No matter what ppl think the jury needs to be left alone.


oooh please! Bunch of bull !! They are idiots! They are only saying that now cuz everybody hates them


Ok maybe I could possibly see that the evidency may not have proved premeditated murder beyond a reasonable doubt (although the chloroform files were the only files deleted on the computer in several years). But I can not figure out why the jurors didn't see failure to report a missing child for 31 days, or the video of Casey out with her boyfriend at the store, and all the partying while Caylee was missing is not neglegent child abuse that led to her death. Not knowing where your child is and not reporting it is negligent abuse, because if Casey truly did not harm the baby, then someone else did and to not put in effor in to trying to locate and protect your child is negligent child abuse that led to the child's death!


My aunt told me at age 2 about the 3 blind mice.
She never told me about the 12 blind mice living in Florida.
If Caylee died in an accident at the pool why did Casey have
her toys and clothing in the back of the car. The jury had plenty of evidence on Casey but rather believed liar Baez on George.
The defense showed no evidence of molestation or the drowning.
All defense attorneys in the country celebrated with Chaney
knowing they can now throw ANYTHING out in opening and not prove
it. Disgusting, this worst jury in our history.


Convict on cause of death? No. They were instructed to judge the defendant on whether or not she were at fault of this childs death & the degree.
The Chief Medical Examiner determined the cause of death. She said that this little girl died as a result of Homicide. Due to time spent in the elements, exact tests to determine exactly how this child died were not able to be run. (as the childs internal organs had disintegrated).
The jury got it wrong.