Casey Anthony Video Deemed "Too Inflammatory" For Trial May Soon Be Released

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A judge is considering whether to unseal a video of Casey Anthony considered so inflammatory that it would have infringed upon her right to a fair trial.

The jailhouse video shows Anthony reacting to news reports that a child's body had been found in a swampy area near the family's Florida property.

The tape reportedly shows Casey doubled over and hyperventilating when Orange County jail officials reveal that a body was found near the home.

Too inflammatory to be played for a jury? What the heck is on that tape? It's not like the videos that were played (such as below) were flattering ...

At the time of the December 11, 2008 video, the body was not yet identified as the remains of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

The court took what is called an "unusual step" and sealed the video on June 17, 2009 claiming the public seeing it would violate Casey's rights.

The court "could not absolutely protect the defendant's right to a fair trial" if the "inflammatory" tape got out, according to the order to seal it.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty last week of charges of killing Caylee and is now scheduled to be released from jail this Sunday night.

Regarding the video and whether it will be released now, Orlando television station WKMG-TV Local 6 filed the request to unseal the tape.

WKMG-TV made the request July 6, arguing "that with the jury is sequestered, no prejudice to the defendant's right to a fair trial could incur."

While other pieces of evidence could be seen as damaging, the court said "no other item ... would carry a similar inflammatory impact."

If released, the tape could spark more outrage surrounding the verdict. Casey Anthony death threats have been common in recent days.

In the past week, the jury, Anthony family and Judge Belvin Perry have received threats regarding the case in addition to Casey herself.

Anthony's highly-anticipated release from jail on Sunday has already prompted concerns for her safety and calls for extra protection.


Anon - Thank God you weren't on the jury.
You and the guy "Casey Anthony marry me"
That would make two and you wouldn't have found her guilty if they
had found Casey at the death scene with duct tape and stickers
and chloroform. Jury were 12 blind mice. the worst in our history.


i think they should have went a little deeper in to the death of casey baby if she did not do it then who did i believe she did it but then i dont i think they should put the man the little baby was with last


whoever is sending death threats to these ppl really need to get a life! At the end of the day this isnt ur family and these ppl probably dnt even kno them personally. The media has hyped this case so bad its sad at this point. Everyone is trying to make money off this and i do mean everyone esp nancy grace in the form of viewers. Her and her ilk jus want to entice violence and drag this out another three yrs. Wheres all this hate for the bs thats going on in this country. Maybe if ppl used their energy for stuff that matters our economy wudnt be in the shit hole. U ppl sure do put alot on these jurors how about sum of that spotlight on our elected officals who cant even get a budget done.


i may get death threats for this,but maybe she is innocent,and a wee bit phsycho.i mean,none of us really know!


The video showing Casey freaking out (upon learning a childs body was found by her parents house) isnt the smoking gun the jury obviously needed & even then, I doubt the jury wouldve found her guilty.


Y ou morons are dumb as the jurors that found that ho innocent...THE TAPE THE ARTICLE IS SPEAKINF OF, HAS NOT BEEN RLEASED YET...IT IS NOT THE VID ABOVE....GOD ARE YOU STUPID AS SHIT. The vid they might release shows CA having a panic attack sitting inthe infermery waiting room, secretly taped...the girl needed meds to breath...she totally freaked out. Can you idiots read? The jurors couldn't either...the juror instructions and the def of "reasonable". God what dummies!




As you see that wasnt the way the baby died !!! And thats crazy Everyone didnt do there jobs cause this is something they should have used and this is what they went to school for!!! I would hate for them to be my Lawyer!!!!


can we saying..TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE!! Had this been anyone else or even a MAN and they wouldve gave them the death penalty and buried them under the jail. WAY TO GO AMERICA.


There is something really wrong with you Lars...this is the second time I have read something posted by you where you have commented about how attractive you think this psycho baby killer is...Theres no sense in trying to get you to stop trying to incite more anger about her being able to walk free after murdering her daughter but I just think you are one sick, sick person.