Jennifer Lopez in Miami: What Divorce?!?

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If Jennifer Lopez is smarting from Marc Anthony possibly cheating on her, the actress put on one of her best performances this weekend in Miami: sources say she partied the weekend away, care-free!

On Saturday night, J. Lo celebrated turning 42 the following day by dining with 16 loved ones - including her mother, sister, manager and stylist – at the restaurant Scarpetta inside the Fontainebleau hotel.

Smiling Jennifer Lopez

"Jennifer looked radiant in a purple and silver evening dress," a witness told People. "And when they brought out her birthday cake after the meal, she began to sing. She was very happy. The whole group had a blast, staying for hours. They closed down the restaurant."

Earlier Saturday, J. Lo went shopping, while insiders say she swam around in her condo pool on Friday evening prior to another meal with friends.

Lopez is yet to speak out on the divorce, aside from releasing a brief, joint statement with Anthony. As she remains silence, tabloids have jumped in and speculated on what went wrong between the couple.



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I am sad to see Jennifer ana Marc splitting up... I thought they were really happy together. I hope they decide to work it out.... they are a cute couple, good parents.... and really seemed like they had a good thing.


Jennifer Lopez wants attention, very insecured lady wants to be the center of attention just like she danced her butt off and wiggled it in front of the young generation. She had no respect wiggling her butt and showing it off. The lady is yearning for attention. All that money and she is unhappy.


Who cares shes not doing nothing for me shes ugly anyway she cant keep a man what a bitch!


Hi J.Lo HappyBirthDay.and you keep on keeping are beautiful and i love your acting and music.


She's a gem ! But I think she need to leave the whole marriage thing alone . This her 3rd or 4th failed nuptial . I know celebs want to have as much of a normal like as possible but ur celeb . It's nothing normal about ur lifestyle or life . Got a hubby @ home who u have to fit in btw movies productions,recording albums,appearances . What is left of any individual ...


She is skanless!


She needs to have more kids.. with soomeone who will last a lifetime
I know who too! My friend Zack, he's got a big one


Goodness. You people need to get a life!
Who cares what she does, she's 42 and got divorced: what's the big deal!!
And she partied with friends and family on her birthday, so what! Mostt people do that, just not at outrageously expensive restaurants!a

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