Hines Ward Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Hines Ward has gone from Dancing with the Stars to perp walking with the police.

The Super Bowl champion and reality show winner was busted for DUI this morning in Dekalb County, Georgia. He posted $1,000 bail and released shortly after the arrest.

Hines Ward Mug Shot

Between this bonehead move and the mailed-in proposal of Roy Williams, one thing is certain: the NFL really needs to ends its lockout. The players have no idea what to do with so much time off.


hines ward is the man ! he wasnt found guilty yet ! so dont hang him just yet ! wait til the facts come out first ! lynch mob ! steelers rock ! so many jealous people out there over a great man and a great super bowl winning team!


Any time a person drinks and drives, he/she is a c r i m i n a l.


i agree with u just like caesy anthony she did the crime like she got do the time i wish lisdney lohan do the same


Do the crime, do the time & pay the fine!
Man up when in front of the judge.

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