Evel Dick Donato: OUT of Big Brother 13!

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It's been less than 48 hours since the Big Brother 13 premiere, and Evel Dick Donato is already out. Details are scarce, but apparently it's for good.

Dick, whose surprise return to the show he won five seasons ago shocked the new house guests, had to leave the CBS show for "personal reasons."

The network wouldn't specify the exact reason, but CBS says "His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast Wednesday, July 13."

Evel Dick Donato

Along with his estranged daughter Daniele, Dick was invited back to compete on BB13 this summer as one of three "dynamic duos" from past seasons.

Daniele will continue to participate in the show, and thanks to Evel Dick's departure (which really throws off the new format), was given a "golden key."

This guarantees that Daniele can not be eliminated in the next four weeks, in keeping with the somewhat confusing rules laid out in the premiere.

The fallout from Dick's exit - observed by some astute fans who noted his absence from the show's online feeds - will surely be felt in the game.

Whatever the reason, we're sad he's gone and wish him well.

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i wish evil dick was still on the show.i will still watch because of jeff and jordan and danielle,and domiquie are my favorities.crying rachel needs to go home.


They should not have brought any of the old player, espcially Brandon, Racheal, Jeff, and that baby talking weining white chick, Ive watch my last espisode.


I'm probably the only over 60 something who watches this each year--When I saw that Rachael was back, I quit watching. She and that puppy that follows her around are sickening. Makes me need medicine.


I love Evil Dick I thought e was one of the best & e will be missed by everyone. I just wasnt to know the turth on why he had no leave & I do not think it had any thing to with drugs.


Im glad dirty dick as I call him is gone, i dont think its fair that Daniel is now safe for 4 weeks, I would rather they put all new people on each year. I loved Dr Will, but hated Mike Boogey


Dick was/is one of my favorites. I immediately thought it was drugs ... did you look at him? He looked bad and when they called him to Diary Rm he acted strangely. So ... that makes sense. It doesn't make sense that they call him in for 2+ hrs while his friend is waiting. NO If it doesn't make sense it's not true just ask Judy.


According to the producers, Dick was caught doing illegal drugs off camera in the bathroom. He was given a choice of leaving the show or getting booted off. If he left on his own accord he could say nothing and Daniel would get the golden key. If he was kicked off the show then the reason would become public.


I hear he has a std


Ipray all is well with Dick family.I really wish he wouldnt have had to leave.Dick is one of my favorite player.I will keep his family in my prayers.


He left because a friend that has always been there for him needed him.

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