Chris Brown on Condo Complaints: I'm Being Set Up By Haters!

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Chris Brown is hitting back at allegations that he's the neighbor from hell, saying peeps in his building are trying to smear him and make him look bad.

Specifically, he claims one of his neighbors scratched the initials "C.B." into an elevator in an effort to make the singer look like a "reckless punk."

Chris' West Hollywood neighbors are not fans, complaining to the manager about noise, parking violations and the aforementioned vandalism.

Now, Brown has FIRED BACK on his Twitter page.

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"My neighbor carves my name in our elevator to incriminate me so it looks like I'm a reckless 22 your [sic] old," the star writes.

As for photos showing Brown parking in handicapped spaces, Brown says, "My parking spaces in my building that were assigned to me when I [bought] this crib are now painted over with handicap and no Parking signs."

His lawyer echoed this sentiment earlier in the week, saying the spaces are clearly Brown's and that he is taking legal action.

"A person should be able to live in his or her own company of their house!" Brown adds, pleading once again for the haters to leave him alone. "I'm barely even home so these stories and accusations are so childish!"


@courtney, i knew what u meant. I just read the comment wrong.


@neci, it's quite okay, I hope my comment didn't sound like I was being an ass. I didn't mean it to sound rude.


Prince of RnB (chris brown) rejoice because real people from the whole world love you. Millions of people in America, ASIA , Africa, europe, South America and Australia love you. Do not worry yourself because of few haters.


Sorry@ courtneyj6


Fuck the haters . . . n hollywood gossip post ,positive things r never written here about chris brown. . .that guy s makn gud music. . .do you haters do. . ? nah . . i wish god gives cb an xtra dick to f**k these media people. . . ops i said bou a dick . .yes m talkn abou a dick . , m done. . .


Neci, i didnt say it was an apartment. I said the parking lot is like one at an apartment. He asked why would chris have a handicap parking spot at his house if he is not handicap. Its not like a driveway, its like an apartments parking lot with several parking spots. So theres handicap parking spots. Mine are assigned spots, 3 each person, 2 are regular and 1 is handicap.


THG..Do you guys EVER post anything POSITIVE about C.B.? I mean..honestly..What musical artist is ever at their house? Between the studio, photo shoots, personal appearances, when would he have time? You guys are just like everyone else who's constantly bashing him. Leave the man alone.


And by the way, a condo is really an apartment that is paid for. Meaning it just like u buyin a house out but, really the condo is paid for. So too me its a house, not an apartment anymore.


I kind of knew the story was some b.s. I really feel sorry for chris brown. Yes, he do have a big head but, it seem to me that hatin azz people is trying to distroy him. Why not talk about charlie sheem? He abuse a couple of his women and is addictive to drugs. Just because chris brown, the black grown man, which to me is still a kid and made the wrong choice in life. Oh he deserve to be punish forever. I just pray that this kid stay away from crazy self hating people. Chris need to learn to igore the media. Something got me thinkin that some of u all couldnt be fans of rihanna. Why? Because I think half of u all have issue with race and have skeleton in ur closet, with full of hate. People please stop livin ur life after this young guy and get a life of ur own.


Srsly?? Ppl need to hatin this kid, lik honestlyy GROW THE FUCK UP AND GET A LIFE!!! Ppl r willin to do anything to bash him since now he's seen as this bad person tht hits women. His story is always in the news nd shit, but i nvr here about the woman beater, ohh wats his name?? I think it wld be charlie sheen. Why dnt we hear any bullshit abt him?? Chris is tryin hard to put himself back on top, but once he's able to do tht the media fucks it up for him... if i hear one more negative story abt him, im gnna start a riot nd idc if i get arrested!!! SERIOUSLY FUCK OFF HIM AND GET SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH UR LIVES!!! k thx


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