Chris Brown Denies, Threatens Legal Action Over Latest Gay Slur Brouhaha

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Chris Brown has used homophobic slurs before, but says that's in the past, and a recent report claiming he used them during a basketball game is BS.

A day after Star and Radar reported that Brown went off on another anti-gay rant, the oft-maligned R&B singer is sounding off, and he's not happy.

Brown's rep calls Star's tale utterly false, saying he wasn't even ballin' that day and the photo Star used was months old - and from a video shoot.

Big Winnah

A totally fictitious article ran in the current Star magazine accusing our client Chris Brown of doing something that he did not do," says Brown's rep.

"He got ticked off when things didn't go his way during the game, saying, 'That's gay!' and ‘You're a f-----t a--!' to the other players," Star claimed.

Brown's side of the story? A little different.

"He spent the entire day with dozens of members of the production team filming the video for 'Body to Body' at 1870 Sunset Paza in West Hollywood."

"Star accompanied the fabricated story with a photo of Chris playing basketball in New York,s taken on the day of his F.A.M.E. CD release in March."

"Chris Brown's management is considering taking appropriate legal action. We stand behind our client and want to set the record straight. This did not happen."

We believe him, and are glad to hear it.


i luv u chris brown i wold really lyk 2 meet u


Honestly, I hope Chris tells his lawyer to sue these un-repentant authors & claim some serious damages. Imagine! they still haven't withdrawn their false articles=> its even spread to African journals now. TMZ didn't report cos they are smart, the rest are just morons that allowed other ignoramus to drag them into trouble


CB!!!! Xx safe.... nuggets


I knew chris was not involved in it. his album f.a.m.e got lots of success for him. . bt ppl cant stand 1 man success n they do sum shit to hurt them. . .jealousy fuck it. . . voice it ppl where are u now ha. . commentin on dat false article n bringing up things from the past . . .chris is a good guy why can't ppl accept it. ?.? SUE THEM CHRIS . . ! IF I WERE U I WULD. . . .! KEEP MAKING MUSIC . . WE LUV UR MUSIC. . .


@you can't be serious: i get what your saying. He did one thing and that one thing started a media attack on him( ofcourse he eventually actually did do more). Media makes up storys to make it look like chris was getting bad off. I'd be mad to if i made a mistake and every single day that mistake was brought up for a few years. He got to his breaking point. Understood. He didn't need to throw chairs and stuff. But since he did those things the media always writes about him.


I wrote bout 6 comments on the oringal article telling everyone this wasn't true and eventually proved not true. But you can write in article (like this one) proving something wasn't true, and people still dont get it. They will still comment saying stuff like "just another gay rant from chris." They can't get it through their heads.


Hi I'm Charlie, You're "Winning" Chris


King Maker.. There is a thing called prozak.. My comment was simple, I said he was talented and all that but that people always pick on him because he gives them reasons too- like in the chair incident.. He shouldn't give anybody any ammunition.. He needs to chill out.. Just like you do..


this guy is getting ragged on for no fucking reason

Love you

@kingmakers i agree with you totally


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