Chris Brown Accused of ANOTHER Anti-Gay Rant

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It's possible this story is completely bogus, given that it stems from unnamed sources quoted by Star and Radar. But given Chris Brown's proclivity for using such language, getting the benefit of the doubt may be a tall order.

According to this report, he shouted anti-gay slurs during a recent pickup basketball game, "stunning and repulsing" onlookers on June 29.

The much-maligned R&B singer turned up at a 24 Hour Fitness center in L.A. and joined a casual pickup game. Things got ugly quickly.


Chris Brown ballin' earlier this year.

So what exactly happened? An eyewitness tells Star the following:

“He got really ticked off when things didn’t go his way during the game, saying, ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a f*gg*t a**!’ to other players.”

Chris even got in one guy's face, berating him for missing a shot. That's pretty standard, but his supposed word choice raised eyebrows.

When another player didn’t pass him the ball, Chris allegedly fired off more slurs, calling him a “f*gg*t” and saying it was a “gay” move.

No blows were exchanged, but the mood was testy.

“There was no physical contact, but he was verbally aggressive,” says a source claiming to have seen it. “His demeanor was over the top.”

Even his burly bodyguards got in on the intimidation at the basketball game, threatening to kick out anyone who tried to snap pictures.

Brown has yet to comment on the report.

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Chris and everyone else who play sports use anti-gay slurs all the time. What is the problem? Gay people are too sensitive. They want to be treated like everyone else so get use to it. I call people who are not gay, gay all the time, oh but since I'm not famous nobody cares. Get over it. Don't hate because you can't have what he has. Lift the brother up and be proud of his talent. He will mature but for right now just enjoy the ride. He will learn.


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I have to admit that I believe this story is made up by THG. THG combined two old stories about Chris and made this new story up. After the exposure of Murdoch's News Of The World tabloid, I don't trust the media nor the blogs anymore. I think it's time THG write a truthful article on the origin of the infamous F word. The F word (British) original meaning was harmless until the gay community gave it a negative meaning.


Idk how old most of these "reporters" or bloggers are, but
if he did make these comments...let me just educate a bit about the slang used among his generation. I have 2 teenage children and numerous tem nieces/nephews, and they all use the terms "


chris brown is a human like every one else..........doesn't every person give their opinions on matters like those,so what if he hate he the only person who does?


Leave Chris Brown alone..Chris Brown is the only star that takes the time to play late night basket ball with his gay fans.Maybe he is just trying to coach them by using tough love and some gay slurs..This oesn't mean he doesn't love or care about his gay fans,maybe he is just trying to help them improve their jumpstart.


Seriously, Chris Brown is an abusive person all around. He reminds me of my ex who was also abusive, mentally, emotionally,verbally, and physically. He needs to get serious help. Hopefully he is getting therapy for his anger. Something more than a court ordered piece of paper.


Brown perceived the guy to be weak so he called him a gay faggot... What exactly is the uproar about? The only one who should be pissed off is the guy on the receiving end. I brown called me faggot or gay, him and his goons would just have to handle their business. Those are whoopin words (or worse) where Im from... However, I aint trippin off of gay rights. If they're offended, SO WHAT?!


I m suprised US we look on 2 some people up there, are still low, in Nigeria isn't a news


If u all hate him so much, why follow everything that chris do? If you wish that chris need to go away, well then stop commenting on overy website that blast his name. Like i comment before, if you dont like him, well u can all kiss his high yellow azz. Chris Brown is always going to live his life. And for the racist comments, you all can go hide under a rock. It sad that we still have racism in this world. And stop trying to compare the word nigger to faggot, that is not going to work. Doing the compare to those two words make some of you all look like an azz.

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