Brooke Mueller: Out of Rehab, Reportedly Doing Well

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According to a friend, Brooke Mueller watched herself on The World According to Paris, hated the person she saw and checked herself into a 45-day outpatient rehab program.

This is interesting news for two reasons:

Brooke Mueller Pic
  1. Someone is actually watching The World According to Paris.
  2. Charlie Sheen's ex might finally be on the road to recovery.

Faces such as this and scenes such as this made Brooke Mueller realize: I need help.

This insider tells E! News that Mueller has now completed the program, regularly attends AA meetings and has a sponsor.

"She is out. She is doing amazingly well."

As entertaining as Mueller and Sheen's antics can be, let's all hope this is true. They have a pair of young kids, after all.



sure she is doing amazingly well
she isn't again
to me this as well and shriver/arnold and everyone else in hollywood


Lets hope the next time you fail a drug test or refuse one the judge will go by the law and not on emotions.. What was it $50,000.- / $55,000.- for child support wow, you definitely don't want to lose that.. loser.


I too, wish Brooke all the best in her sobriety. It's a long hard road but definitely something that can be achieved, without a doubt. Good luck Brooke :)


How many stints in rehab does this make it? She should think about those boys of hers for a change. I do wish her luck with her sobriety.