Big Brother Recap: In Need of Couples Therapy

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Sunday night's Big Brother episode featured Rachel - shocker - bawling again after a perceived slight, as well as a shameless, ridiculous celebrity plug by the Hoff.

Meanwhile, the veteran alliance continued to crack, or at least we were led to believe so by Big Brother editors, and this week's nominees were unveiled.

Who ended up on the block after all of Rachel's waffling? THG breaks down Sunday's episode of the CBS guilty pleasure in its +/- recap below ...

David Hasselhoff on Big Brother

Dom and Adam know they're in trouble once again. Plus 4, because at least it took them approximately 30 seconds to kiss up and try to deal.

Plus 2 for D's open acknowledgment that the Regulators were "the worst alliance of all-time Big Brother history." At least someone's honest.

Minus 5 for the snoring, though. Not a way to curry favor.

Lawon is, as deemed by Rachel, a "super floater" ... who wears orange Crocs and argyle socks. No idea how to even score that combo. Wash.

"Who wants to see my HoH roooooom?!" - Rachel. Again. Minus 6.

"Who's house? Rachel's house! Whew!" - Lawon. Plus 3.

We forget Daniele is even on the show, which bodes well for her. Plus 3.

In the luxury challenge, Jordan somehow deduces that three bars of soap plus opera glasses equals ... David Hasselhoff. Impressive. Plus 9.

Brendon notes that Rachel is the brains of Brenschel. If true, that's really sad, and someone needs to bring it up at his PhD defense. Minus 10.

Jeff on Big Brother 13

Minus 8 for the shamelessness of the Same Name plug by CBS, but Plus 21 for Jordan giving Brenchel the proverbial shaft by inviting Shelly and Kalia to share the prize instead - in Rachel's very own HoH suite!

Rachel is PISSED about the snub by Jordan, along with Brendon giving Porsche a clue (which wasn't even helpful!) during the competition. Minus 24 for having to listen to this blabbering mess three times a week.

Minus 7 more for Brendon, who threatens to leave because he is risking his PhD, then schemes to nominate Jeff and Jordan, then makes baby talk to console Rachel in the span of two minutes. These two are insane.

Plus 2 for the cut-away shots of Jeff toasting champagne throughout this.

David Hasselhoff was a good sport, even if you could sort of tell that he either didn't want to be there or didn't know what to make of Big Brother. Plus 5.

The Hoff himself wears a Don't Hassel the Hoff t-shirt?! Unreal. Plus 8.

Does Lawon know how to speak normally? Do we want him to? Plus 6.

Adam and Dom are put back on the block. Minus only 3, because while it seemed like Brenchel could have made a bigger move here, a win by either of the nominees or the HoH tandem leaves the back-door potential open.



I hate Rachel.


omg. Rachel is the most annoying self centered selfish person ever! Heaven forbid jordan wanting to let other people experience that. Rachel and brendon had their share of wins and such in the previous season. Ur how,old rachel? Grow up. Its time to start acting like a big girl now. Jordan should have nominated those 2 instead of cassie and shelly. Which that is sad that she was evicted because rachel was jealous. Seriously? Wow! And ya its unfair to bring back anyone from previous season and mix them with newcomers. They should just do a season with all veterans.


I am so disappointed in the show this year. I don't care if I watch it or not. I think it is so unfair to let old ones into the game, they already had their chance to win. And Rachel is absolutely a mental case, and ruins the whole show. GET HER OUT OF THERE AND NEVER BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!!


It's awful when couples fight over nothing. I have teenage sons who don't argue with their girlfriends like this. So immature. How Jordan solved the Haselhoff thing so quickly was awesome.


rachle is a baby

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