BALLER: Soulja Boy Drops $55M on Private Jet

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Either Soulja Boy is the biggest idiot of all time, or a lot smarter than people think because he even had this much to burn. Either way ... wow.

The rapper is dropping $55 MILLION on a PIMP ASS private jet, a member of Soulja's management confirms. It's a 21st birthday gift to himself.

The plane alone cost $35 million, but Soulja Boy cranked out another $20 million to pimp dat ride with all sorts of cool stuff. Gotta fly in style.

A Soulja Boy Pic

Also a waste of money? NHL merchandise.

Happy birthday to the hip-hopper in any case. Hope he's got a good finance guy.

Because you only turn 21 once, Soulja's also spending $300,000 to throw himself a blowout birthday party at a Miami nightclub tonight.

Dwight Howard, Bow Wow, and Sean Kingston are expected to attend.



Well! Spendin so big on a birthday dat wld 4 a couple of hours, ok gud 1 enjoy it's urs liv ur life.


happy birthday u were gud in d bed we should do it again svmtime u got a big Dick


john 3:16
For god so loved the world that he sent his only son that who so ever believe in him shall not die but have eternal life. God loves you all. He wants a life with you'll let him into your heart and he will take you places you haven't being!!


Some of these comments hurt my head to read. Does anyone go to school anymore and lear proper English?


He's gonna lay it off soonest 4sure!
Or have his ass so broke.


It blows my mind how dumb some ppl are w/ money. Just unbelievable. I think when you're not raised w/ respect for money then this is the result. He will prob end up penniless.


It blows my mind how dumb some ppl are w/ money. Just unbelievable.


Yeah, I think he can spare a little extra change to pay my taxes!!


Happy birthday soulja boy. U r so likable! I lik it dt u wana spnd ya cash on ya. Tis no sin man, mk it slamin! Hp u ve a 1derful celeb. ENJOY!


Yo man.....I aint even tryin to front. I seen souja boy trading stocks to make his nut. Dat fool used to work with Chan, Big Big, Pop Pop, and lil flip. He don't even need his songs to be rich. He gonna fly that plane and enjoy his self. He deserve it, making all that beautiful music...I'm a dance to it on my birthday...RIP Aaliyah!!!

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