Ashley Hebert: SO In Love!!

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At times, she wondered if this was all a mistake. But in the end, The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert says she found the happy ending she dreamed of.

This summer, we've seen Ashley roasted to her face, ridiculed and jerked around by Bentley Williams, and ditched by two other men late in the season.

Her take on those ups and downs? All's well that ends well.

Sweet Ash

"There were certainly moments where I thought I'd made a mistake agreeing to be the Bachelorette and thought it wasn't going to end well," she said.

"But you come out a stronger person and learn so many things about yourself. Ultimately, I know I did the right thing. I'm so happy, so in love."

"I found a great man. It's going strong – we've been hanging out and talking all the time. I hoped I would leave with this type of relationship."

With the season finale looming Monday night, Hebert is anxious to go public with the identity of the last man standing - but is it Ben or J.P.?

"I'm really ready for this to be over so we can go into the light of day and get on with normal everyday life," the 26-year-old Maine native says.

Who do you think she should pick of the final two?

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ashley is an idiot and she will get dumped by the one she has NO connection to, like her smarter sister told her. but i can not wait to see her get what she deserves when he starts with the jealousy and whining like a baby like she does. weaaaaaaaa! oh maybe they do have something in common. hehe!!! weaaaaaaaa, boohoooooooo!! she did ben and ames a big favor!!1


Wow so many NEGATIVE comments. First of Trista and Ryan aren't the only successful couple from the show there Jason and Molly who have been married 2 years. Ali and Roberto are still together but all 3 couples are staying away from the limelight. Ashley had BETTER chemistry with JP than she did with Ben who seems too laid back for her. They had a better After the Final Rose than Brad and Emily so how can anyone say Ashley made a mistake because JP got jealous? Hello? Don't we all get jealous when a person we have feelings for is paying attention to someone else? Think about it before throwing out the "anger issues,' excuse. I wish Ashley and JP all best.


Ashley is really annoying, I'll be surprised if this engagement actually works out in the end.


I think she made a BIG mistake, first you have to be friends, like her and Ben were then you become lovers, and see where it goes from there. I don't think she's following her heart, it has more to do with getting into bed than anything. I don't believe it will last, just like someone else said. Tristen and Ryan were one in a million, sorry Ash, but I think you made the wrong choice. Only time will tell.


pak31. U sound unattractive. Just by reading all ur comments u sent. Don't talk bwt oter ppl b4 looking at da mirror. And she doesn't older than her age. You sound older than 40 but than wat do I know u maybe older, RYT!!!!RYT????? Lol it k u don't have 2 admit it!!! XOXO


Not that she has to be but she is so unattractive and looks like she's much older than she is, I can't believe she's only 26. Looks at least 10 years older than that. Yikes.


i dnt know abt her...but i think she should goooooooooooooo...gooooo girl gooooooooo:)boommmmmmm


john 3:16
For god so loved the world that he sent his only son that who so ever believe in him shall not die but have eternal life. God loves you all. He wants a life with you'll let him into your heart and he will take you places you haven't being!!


So happy for her! JP is one heckuva catch! U go girl!


she has the most annoying voice and the show is so obviously scripted and set up the show stinks and whoever she picked? it won't last..... only 1 couple ryan and trista have been and stayed married in how many years of this piece of crap show.... just the fact she was warned by a friend about that idiot she still insisted on pursuing rather than getting rid of him was SO insane it was.....insane. FEH.....