Tori Spelling Involved in Car Accident, Paparazzi to Blame?

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Tori Spelling has a good reason to be angry today.

The actress, who is pregnant with her third child, was involved in a car accident this morning, one she blames on a paparazzi who was following her and her children.

"Paparazzi chased me w/the kids 2school," the actress Tweeted. "I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident. Took down whole wall of school."

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Neither Liam, Stella nor Spelling's unborn child were harmed in the crash, which took place because a photographer followed Spelling and her family into the driveway of a school; when she reversed to get away from the troll, she slammed into a wall. Minor damage was done to the vehicle.

"Tori is really shaken up but she and the kids are doing fine," her rep tells People. "She's going to the doctor for a checkup."



what happen 2 tori&dean stoebook wedding love the show will it come back happy 2 see you on baby #3 good luck with everything your #1 fan


In my opinion, Tori and Dean are Not stars. Tori's mom Candy Spelling is a star. She has an aura of mystery about herself, and she avoids the limelight which makes her a curiosity. She possesses enormous wealth, gives few interviews and does Not seek attention on every detail of her life. Candy Spelling had a long time marriage to Aaron Spelling, and when these 2 were photographed at events they were true style Hollywood of yesterday. Tori and Dean will Never match the stardom of Aaron and Candy Spelling!!


Please pardon my warped brain, but it seems to me, that when you are in an accident,tweeting to the universe is Not one of the first things on your mind. I can understand the police and the paramedics and even your family being called,on your way to the hospital to be evaluated. Considering the fact that Tori is pregnant and had her 2 other children with her, it seems that she would have gone to the ER for observation and let her PR people send out the News about her accident instead of finding it necessary to put her story out there. Considering the fact that she thinks that she is celebrity material, the police report would have told the "world" what we Needed to know anyway. I believe that Tori and Dean are 2 half baked pseudo-celebs who are addicted to attention, and have to tell the world everything about their lives including things that we don't have to know,and I am just saying. PEACE!!


Glad she's fine and all, but first of all why would any paparazzi be chasing her?? Honestly she's pretty far down the Z-list. There musta been a real quiet day for that pap.
If there was a car following her I'm sure it was annoying but she could have just kept her cool keeping in mind the children and all, and done no accident. SHE caused it


So glad mama and all 3 babies are doing well. Stupid Papz. What is it going to take for them to stop, they have already killed three people (which we all seem to have forgotten about) and came dangerously close to killing FOUR more today!


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