Spotted: Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw!

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The rumors are true. Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw have been banging ...

... out songs together in the studio.

Ever since she bailed on Hugh Hefner days before their wedding, Crystal has been hanging out with McGraw, the son of Dr. Phil and her long-rumored over.

The twosome insists that their relationship is indeed about beautiful music together, but only in the literal sense. Seriously, they are carrying guitars here.

Crystal H.
Jordan McGraw Picture

Sources close to Crystal and Jordan say they've been friends for about a year now and he lent a shoulder to cry on when she fled the Playboy Mansion.

They've been holed up in a Hollywood recording studio working on Crystal's new album. Despite Crystal's newly-single status, she insists it's platonic.

Maybe to her. As Chris Rock said, men do not have platonic friends, only women they haven't slept with YET. No way Jordan's not angling to tap that.

Guess we'll see. But after the way this played out, Hef may want to think about stronger language on his Playboy cover-altering sticker.



I can't believe that Jordan's Mom, Robin is happy about her Son having a gal pal that used to live at the playboy manison !!


The joke is on us. The marriage of an 85-yr old male to a 25-year old healthy female is ridiculous on its merits. This has been a two-fold publicity stunt from the beginning to (1) perpetuate the myth that 85-year old Hugh Hefner still has something "left in the tank", and to give Crystal's image as a sexy songstress a boost. With or without his guitar, young McGraw has some talents that Hefner clearly does not have.... It is your guess as to what they are.


So it seems Dr Phils sons have a "thang" for strippers/porn stars.... the other one married one of the Dahmer Triplets and this one is obviously doing the nasty with this Crystal bimbo... Nice job Dr & Mrs Phil on raising your boys, it makes you very qualified to tell other people how to live their lives... Can anyone say "zero credibility".


Anyone else think she looks sorta like (a younger) Dinah Lohan in this picture?


OMG too funny Revenant Shadow!!


I'd happily make sweet,sweet "music" with this vapid bimbo-and promptly kick her out of my house after our sweaty collaboration.


Fame may be the Name of the game, but by all indications, Crystal Harris was Not interested in becoming a Hefner!!


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