Hugh Hefner Alters Crystal Harris Playboy Cover With "Runaway Bride" Stamp

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Hugh Hefner is a really nice guy and reeling emotionally after being dumped by Crystal Harris, but that didn't stop him from gaining a little revenge.

The publisher is making sure all copies of July's Crystal Harris Playboy cover come with a giant asterisk of sorts - a red "RUNAWAY BRIDE" sticker!

Before she dumped Hef and called off their wedding, he had already agreed to give her the July cover with the headline, "Mrs. Crystal Hefner."

Too late for a new cover model. Not too late for this:

  • Crystal Harris Playboy Cover: Runaway Bride Edition!
  • Crystal Harris Playboy Cover

A ton of copies have already been shipped without the sticker, TMZ reports, but Hefner insists that the big, red mark WILL appear on ALL newsstands.

Way to go, Hef, poking fun at a tough situation and getting back at his ex-fiancee at the same time. Our only complaint is that it's not big enough.

Another idea to help ease the pain? Moving on by dating one of several dozen Crystal Harris carbon copies that already live in HIS OWN HOUSE.

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did she even have a dress????


I like Bea's comments regarding Hugh needing to get his life in order. Life as we know it on earth is so temporary and we are always trying to fill the hole in our lives. The only way to fill that empytiness is to allow Jesus into your life and follow after him. Repent and be saved! It is never too late Hugh!


Monkey and cjones your comments made me laugh. Thank you!


Either way you see it, both are STUPID!!! Since when does an 85 yr old marry his grandchild? well, of course except in Hefland! And the bitch, just what were you thinking?


why are you guys pitying Hef when he is not pitying himself? he could easily get a woman of above 60 that truly loves him for who he is. why is he trying to show off to other men by sleeping with girls young enough to be his Grand-daughters? he alone can minimize the risk and go for Love. no pity for him.


life goes on hes all ways on the go hope my is like him when he gets to his age :-)


Since she cancelled the wedding, she should get the bill for all the costs.


lol Betty White wouldnt want him!


Hef must be senile if he doesnt realize that he's always been taken for a ride. His daughter should persuade him to get therapy. She is his health care proxy and probably holds the strings to his wealth thus making the stingy prenup that was refused by this floozy.


Yes I know he is an 85 year old man but he is still a human being to be treated like this, everybody should put themselves in the position of Hugh Hefner, you have sent out wedding invitations, and made all arrangements and preparations only to have the bride withdraw less than a week to the actual event, why didn't she refuse before? I would be very hurt if I get treated that way, his only crime is his age.