Selena Gomez Meets the Biebers

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Things are getting serious for Jelena. And we aren't just referring to this week's controversial foot massage.

Just back from Hawaii, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent time with the former's family in Canada over Memorial Day Weekend, as cameras caught the couple hanging out with Justin's half-siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon, and his father, Jeremy.

Jelena Kiss

"They looked like one big happy family," an onlooker told Us Weekly. "The little kids took to Selena straight away and they were all laughing and joking around. They couldn't have been happier."

These two have been more and more affectionate over the last few weeks, a sign that the pairing is here to stay.

We're quite happy for both Bieber and Gomez - and just hope that long-time, loyal fans feel the same.


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biebers gay


Wooooowzers you haters are like obsesed with the fact that they are together....but do you really think your any better??? And the girls should calm down about threatening selena....what has she ever done to you...obsesed fan gurls are real nut jobs now a days when it comes to celebs!!! Just calm down and if you like them together then coment but if you dont, why cant you just keep it to yourself and have some dignity for once in your life, cuz the more you accept these kinda things the better it'll turn out for all of yah, and the more reluctant you will be to critcizing their relationship or any celebs!!!


Am happy 4 both of 'em,they look good 2gether


Listen all u haters just cuz u wish u could go out with him dont mean your threats will make him break up with gomez and cum to youll and plus bellzak shutup u just jealous they only a year apart. And I agree with u cute(:


If Jelena get married I'd be happy 4 them they are made 4 each other plus they will not be treated so crazyily if they are 2gether


i need to see justin bieber face to face foreva


Jelena isn't tearing us apart, it's showing who is real and who isn't so haters shut up .
A Fan (:


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selena and jb i love them both
they look so happy together


Justin Bieber COCK! Call me a hater or whatever the hell you kids call people who don't like other people these days. He sucks, his music nauseates me and none of you people can spell on this site. LOL! HEAVY METAL RULES! He is what is wrong with music business and music in general.