Selena Gomez and Britney Spears Team Up, Give Fans "Whiplash"

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Having been hospitalized earlier in the week, forced to own up to her poor eating habits, Selena Gomez finally got some good news today:

The single "Who Says?" has gone platinum.

Gomez reacted on Twitter with enthusiasm: "Ahhhh yay! Yay! Yay! Who Says went platinum!!! Thank you!! YOU have every right to a beautiful life :)"

Way to go, Selena! Now, all ears turn to "Whiplash," another track off Selena Gomez & The Scene's upcoming album, "When The Sun Goes Down," which comes out June 28. Britney Spears actually co-wrote the song. Give it a listen now:

What do you think?


"Whiplash" should become her 7th single. I'm sure I'll her fan would love that


To jane: If you had been keeping up Selena's interviews you would have known that she was reaching out to her older audience with this album.She can't always be a kid. She's growing up and that's exactly what you need to do too. Damn is not considered much of a cuss word.It's more of an expression of condemnation or surprise out cry.If you ever seen "Gone With The Wind" back in the 1940's it was used then. Nobody even complained about it then even though kids went to see the movie. You need to catch up with time.


@ Jane, Just shut up & quit being a baby. "Damn" is not a bad word. & anywayss, I couldn't even tell which part was Britney's :| But I love the song.


I admired that she is/was a rolemodel, but she's obviously not anymore if she puts a word like damn, which had no positive effect on the song. The younger viewers and their parents will not be too thrilled. Neither am I, and I'm one of her older fans.


I love this song u did a good job selena


i luv the song..
Selena spear are doing great work..i luv u selena


very Britney ! I


I love the song. Good job!

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