Selena Gomez Releases Official "Who Says" Music Video

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Selena Gomez has another message for the haters: check this out!

The young artist has debuted the official music video for "Who Says," a single she says is dedicated to her fans, but also as a way to overcome all the negativity on Facebook and Twitter.

Sadly, Selena should know. Just for following her heart and dating Justin Bieber, the star has been subject to a number of threats and insults.

Watch her overcome such chatter in the video here. What do you think of it?

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I like her ,she is kind people,beautiful .her songs and her voice is beautiful and nice to hear


I love selina gomaze and she is so buetifull, pretty, nice not to mention she has a wonderfull voice! I dont care who she is dating
as long as she is happy! Oh, dont think the person who said she was
selena gomaze was selena gomaze. Just say'n.


i love selena gomez music video who says it is amazing


Selena is gorgeous, very talented. She shouldn't let such little words hurt her. All these little girls who are obsessed with Justin Bieber, He wouldn't be dating you anyways. Stop hating.


hey for my comment i say that justin beiber and selena gomez are the cutest cupple in hollywood i am one of the biggest fans of selena gomez and the song of i love you like a love song and if you ever see this message my num is 7214148 and i live in indiana so nice talkin to yah bye :]


Hey selena u r so cute n pretty i like ur choice ur hair style n dressup sense but i like miley more than u she is perfectly fine in everything, so sry but u can't take miley's place... Luv u bye


Ola...guen0 zol0 keria dcirt k tu voz m faziina ,tuz cancionEz zon tn beiaz per0 la k me guzta maz ez" who says"y"un year sin llover... I like y buen0 byeeee...*


yeah!!i'm agree...selena is cute n i love da song's inspires me to keep moving on...hee XD


i love ur song who say its awesome


Hi I'm Selena I'm so glad that I'm talking to my fans if you want to talk to me in privet just email me my email is they made a fake email so not allot a people know my email ! If you email me I will answer as fast as I can.

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I'm not going to be a solo artist. I want to be in a band with four other guys.

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