Selena Gomez Blames Junk Food for Hospitalization

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Selena Gomez is back on the road, performing for fans across the country and promoting her upcoming film, Monte Carlo.

But many are still wondering about the star's hospitalization last week, unsure if she was suffering from malnourishment, high blood pressure, an iron deficiency or something else.

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In an interview with a Texas radio show yesterday, though, Gomez blamed the problem on her junk food habit.

"The problem is I don’t eat right," she said. "I love everything that’s possibly not good for me... I love M&Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers and Goobers at the movies."

Fortunately, Selena's mom is stepping in to monitor her child.

"She’s definitely shoving vitamins down my mouth and following me around. But at the same time, I was a stubborn kid, so I got to eat whatever I wanted. I have to have creamed spinach or cheese on my broccoli. I have to have something that makes it not healthy."

Hear that, Justin Bieber? Sounds like you'll need to keep a close eye on your girlfriend's caloric intake in the months ahead.



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