Report: Ryan Dunn VERY Drunk, Driving Up to 140 MPH at Time of Crash

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A toxicology report indicates that Jackass star Ryan Dunn was drunk when he crashed his Porsche on a Pennsylvania highway and died Monday morning.


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    A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Ryan Dunn, the late Jackass star who died in a car crash last June.

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    Mourning the loss of his friend and Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn, Johnny Knoxville took to his blog to write a nice tribute to the late stuntman.

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    ok the guy did make a wrong choice and he did pay the price. so why dont all you bitches and faggots shut the fuck up and show some respect for the man


    It sucks that he died AND killed his friend too. Statistically, that means that he probably drove drunk at least 50 times before that and repeatedly risked the lives of innocent people on the road. I feel bad for those whom are left behind by both of their deaths. RD made his bed, though. Sad. But true.


    what a jackass....???????well that was the end of his life. may his soul rest in peace.we love you ryan...:-(


    ...a drunk driver. What a jackass.


    NO HEART is what it takes to kill a friend. In this case also no BRAIN !!!


    Would all you who love those Jackasses so much be defending them if they had killed one of your family members. I hope the passengers family sues the pants off of Ryan Dunn and the bar they were drinking at. EVERYONE IN THIS SITUATION NEEDS A BIG LESSON. HOORAY for Ebert having the balls to say what he did , it was well deserved.BTW I would never protest a funeral that just hurts the people left behind picking up the pieces. I hope all the fans especially kids learn from this not to assimillate this latest stunt!!!


    These guys have all acted like a bunch of spoiled and entitled man-brats since Jackass became popular. Fuck Ryan Dunn. Not one of you can say that when you saw a douchebag speeding in a Porche past you, you didn't think "that Fuckbag is going to kill someone", well, he did. No one should feel sorry for him. Its not the first time he drove drunk. He was busted for it 6 years ago. I'm sure that wasn't the only other incident either. Fuck him for putting anyone else who was on the road that night in danger too. If a minivan with kids in it was involved too, would you still defend him? I'm with Ebert. Fucking stupid idiot selfish ass shitbag.


    Both guys made very stupid decisions ryan for driving drunk...zach for getting in the car with ryan....They paided for their mistake with their's very sad and my heart goes out to their family and friends ....and bamm.... Let them rest in peace.....


    Its sad that these 2 (dumbass) guys died. Im concerned that the friends he was with & the staff at the bar he was at thought it was ok for him to drive. Where the hell are the designated drivers?


    It is sad and unfortunate, waste of two lives, a great car and yet another example of the really bad choice to drink and drive. Do you really want your life to have been an example of a bad decision? Let alone that the actions also took the life of a friend. Waste just a total waste

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