Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton: The Love Secrets!

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British royal family gossip buzz continues with Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton on the cover of a major celeb news magazine this week. The reason why?

We have no idea actually ... but damn they're sexy!

Us alleges a secret date occurred between Harry and Pippa, who just broke up with Alex Loudon, but that rumor is almost certainly bogus. Also misleading? The comment about her stepping out with a "mystery royal."

Pippa and Harry

Pippa's ex, George Percy, is the son of the Duke of Northumberland. The former couple remains close friends and have been seen together recently.

That's probably the royal in question, not Prince Harry.

As for William's younger brother, he's still dating Chelsy Davy as far as we can tell, although many are skeptical about the long-term potential there.

Either way, this cover is likely nothing more than a cheap attempt to milk whatever British royal family gossip they can to sell some magazines.

Not that we're complaining. In fact, we wholeheartedly support that as an endeavor. But they're not even in the same photo! Come on now.

[Photos: Us Weekly]


i hope Prince Harry & Pippa get together they would be such a great match. fingers crossed that the angel & arrow of love will reign supreme on these two mwah xx


Lose Chelsy, Harry. She's not the one for you.


Will someone please answer this question? If someone is being a good brother/sister, why is it that they are thought to be in the shadow and need their own moment in the light? Siblings are supposed to support each other. Pippa was not forced to help. I would hope that she did it out of sisterly love. Any benefits that come along now are just hers to enjoy.


Maybe the press should stop exploiting this family!


Come on really ... We all know Pippa and Prince Harry are not and will not be dating each other . They do look very smart together but Pippa is going to enjoy her new found fame. And she should. For years she has taken a back seat to her sister aka HRH Princess Catherine all the while with a smile on her face happy to do whatever it took to make HRH happy. So yea , Pippa have fun and enjoy it's your turn now and it is well deserved.

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