MTV Movie Awards Fashion Face-Off: Jim Carrey vs. Patrick Dempsey

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Jim Carrey vs. Patrick Dempsey. Not a style showdown you were probably expecting in THG's Fashion Face-Off series, but a fun one just the same!

Carrey's still an all-time movie star, yet has been absent from the spotlight (relatively speaking) in recent years. The Grey's Anatomy cast member, meanwhile, has seen a resurgence in his career over the past half-decade.

Both gents dressed down for the MTV Movie Awards. No ties required. Who do you think was the best dressed Sunday? Tell us by casting a vote:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the MTV Movie Awards? Both of these guys dressed down for the event, but whose style reigns supreme? Vote for Jim or Patrick and decide! View Poll ยป


i love jim carrey's stiyle patrick dempsey loook's like he put on old clothes iam not trying ot be mean or anything ps. jim where did you get that jackit it look's cool nice stiyle.


Patrick Dempsey has my vote - total yum ;)


Love Patrick's total color coordinated look. especially the fab suede jacket over his obviously not old t-shirt and even his belt and shoes are just right. JC's t-shirt looks like a poster.


I'm not crazy about Jim Carrey's style but at least he made the effort! Patrick Dempsey is too dressed down, like he couldn't even be bothered. It looks like he just stepped out in his old t-shirt.

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