George Anthony, Father of Casey, Denies Krystal Holloway Affair Allegation

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When the Casey Anthony trial began, her defense attorney, Jose Baez, threw out some stunning allegations against Casey's father, George.

Namely, that his prior abuse of Casey caused her to act erratically, and that he had an affair with a woman named Krystal Holloway who was helping him look for Casey's missing 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Tuesday, on the stand, George Anthony denied any infidelity.

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"She was someone who volunteered at our site," he said. "I considered her a friend. She worked at our command center to help find Caylee."

Why does it matter to Casey Anthony's defense whether or not he had an affair with Holloway? Because of something he supposedly told her.

Holloway told police that during an intimate moment, George confided that Caylee's death was "an accident that snowballed out of control."

"Did you say that to her?" Baez asked the father of the accused.

"No," said Anthony. "I didn't confide with anyone during that time."

During the testimony, jurors swiveled their chairs towards George Anthony, watching him intently. Cindy Anthony shook her head in the gallery.


i hate when ppl judge but just because someone acts sexualy abused dont mean the are i know first hand and how she is truly dosnt have nothing to do with how she was raised. iv been n trouble 2 time and my brother 40 in n ou of prison but not me so noone can say this or that. noone was there besides god the babygurl and her murder but what the rep what they sew! everydog has there day and theres will come!


I am interested to know what Casey Anthonys father does for a living ? From what I can see of the judicial system in this United States poor people don't usually get off someone must have money . Every part of me says she is guilty a good mother does not wait to call for help if her child is missing.


why not let george anthony alone. If he is guilty of anything its having alying, thieving daughter,loving his grandaughter too much.having a backstabbing son and a know_it_all,cold and lies for a wife. god bless you george, stay calm,and eventially it'll go away...........


How do they know that George Anthony or Lee were not searching for chloroform because they used it as part of sexual abuse?


I think George Anthony sexually abused Caylee and didn't want her body found for awhile. He would have known that evidence of molestation would disappear as her body decomposed. Child sex abuse victims often do something called disassociation. It is a means of coping with the early sexual abuse and then later as a means of coping with other stress. Casey acted like a sex abuse survivor using disassociation. I'm suprised the defense didn't bring an expert on this to testify. All experts that treat trauma survivors are aware of this.


Also you should know Krystal twin sister was jail with Casey anthony. And for all of the people who don't believe they had an affair they did . It was all part of a plan with her and twin sister in jail to cash in on the death of a child sick and shame on George.


I know Krystal holloway aka river Cruz aka penny holloway aka Krystal Brooks should go on. I went to school with her far very far from a good person. She was abusive to her owe children she currently has one child in jail in ny for shooting a man another who she hasn't paid a day in child support took off and left with his father.


I, believe George & Lee because I, think that need to accept that his sister & daugther casey did this, to them. it's heatbreaking. so sadden for Lee, I, don't know the Anthony's. Um, I, believe that Krystal or River, is aft the money honey. believe that she has a shadey past & def her criminal past, believe that she won't leave them alone as for baez, think he does have a shadey past as well Um, also think he is playing games to perry & jeff & linda. def needs to spend time w/ casey. believe that she def get the death penality. go jeff & linda ? thank's


I do not believe George Anthony is telling the truth. It is obvious he was not a decent father to raise a child with all the issues Casey has. He can turn on the tears when needed but I am not buying that he had no part whatsoever. IMHO.


Dear George, Cindy & Lee Anthoney, We are very sorry for your loss and are want you to know that millions of people care about you and want the best for you. I wish I had some way to help you all but the best I can do is let you know we love you and assure you that you are doing a wonderful job. no one would be as strong as you are being. we know you are innocent of all accusations. Please hang in there and realize so many people are here for you and are on your side and we stand beside you. Love, Allison & Jack

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