Gay Rights Groups Call Out David Tyree for Anti-Marriage Comments, Idiocy

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There's little to really say about the ignorant statements made by former NFL wideout David Tyree yesterday.

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    I agree with Jan~ NOT everyone's into Gay marriage.I'm NOT! NO ONE should be made to feel guilty or bad because they don't support Gay marriage.
    Always stand LOUD & PROUD about anything u believe in,but you don't have to trash people with Hate and Profanity if they don't support the same thing u do!


    interesting that the gays bash everyone who doesnt believe in homosexuality..good luck with that whole re-writing the bible thing!!! not everyone has to be into it. get a grip. it doesnt make them ignorant to want to lead a traditional life just be satisfied you have equal rights and leave the rest alone. no such thing as a gay marriage. only civil unions.


    Because Tyree is black he cannot have an opinion against 'gay' marriage(an opinion held by the majority of the people in the USA & the world BTW)?

    There you have it, blacks. In the view of liberal gays you have a status somewhere below that of 2nd class citizen. Unless you do, think, and say exactly what the influential minority (liberal gays) says at all times.


    What a maroon.....60 years ago, no one would have listened to him nor let him use a "white" bathroom. Now he espouses the same hatred that kept his ancestors from equal treatment in the U.S. Talk about trickle-down bigotry. It's way past time all Americans treated every one with equality. Try googling "marriage definition" and see where it says anything about a "man and a woman" except in religious terms........ It's nice to see where blacks can be bigots too.....takes the heat off some of us white guys.....


    Muh Dik!


    MUH DIK! (Oook, Eeeek, Bananahhhh)


    Guess what bitch? In America, I also have the right to call him an idiot. I just love when people try to throw "America" around when they are "defending" free speech with one breath and then "chastising" others for exercising theirs with another.


    Listen what right do you have to call David tyree an idiot. Is he calling anyone names? He is voiceing his opipion. Last time I check we are living in America. Keep the name calling out of this topic.


    Hey genius,
    What rock have you been living under? Sexual orientation is not a "choice," nor is it a "lifestyle." Your use of both of those archaic characterizations, accompanied by your "scolding" tone, expose your thinly veiled homophobia. Just so you know, Einstein.


    it seems odd to me that for months we have been hearing/seeing stuff about "it only gets better" and its supporters, but one person has a differing opinion and he is given the same level of hatred that those who choose the homosexual lifestyle would sue somebody if they received. if you feel that persons who choose an alternate lifestyle are entitled to their opinions, you should afford others the right to their opinions without judgment also.

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