Blake Lively Nude Pic Scandal Provides Plenty of Material at MTV Movie Awards

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The Blake Lively nude picture scandal wasn't directly addressed last night at the MTV Movie Awards, but it was referenced in a few thinly-veiled cracks.

As you've likely heard by now, a bevy of smoking hot pics purported to be Blake hit the Internet last week ... with most of them not showing her face.

Her reps were quick to issue a statement to let the media know that Blake Lively has NEVER taken nude photos and that the ones released are fake.

The alleged hacker responsible begged to differ, releasing batch #2.

Lively, B.

Give Blake credit. If nothing else, she showed up to the MTV Movie Awards to promote Green Lantern as scheduled, and endured jokes at her expense.

It was rumored yesterday that she would poke fun at the scandal herself. That did not end up happening, although host Jason Sudeikis did the honors.

Introducing her, Sudeikis said that Ryan Reynolds would be joined by "Someone that we believe is the real Blake Lively though she won't confirm it."

Even Reese Witherspoon, one of the big MTV Movie Award winners this year, got in on the action with a light-hearted, well-timed shot at Blake.

She bestowed some wisdom on the youngsters in the audience: "If you take naked pictures of yourself with your cell phone, you hide your face!"

"It's possible to be a good girl. I'm going to try to make it cool."

As for Lively herself, she had no comment. While she ventured backstage to the press room to take photos (interesting to note that she's quite covered up for once), she declined to answer reporters' questions.

There you have it. So the question remains ...

Are the purported racy pics real or fake?


Those are pics of Blake for sure... Leo should distance himself from such a classless girl. If I were a celebrity of his stature I would have fun with her but not take her as a serious mate. What an attention whore she is to take these photos. She is beneath DiCaprio...


Blake gives great blow jobs.... She loves to suck down my cum as my cock ex


Blake has some balls (figuratively speaking, not like Lady Gaga) showing up just after the "scandal" broke. I like her all the more for it!


I'm thinking that Blake released her own pics to get some attention, since the bikini pics of Leonardo DeCaprio's ex hit the net!


I believe they are Blake, and still her fan! I love her tons and always will support her. I think Reese was ridiculous and disrespectful if anything in what she said. She is supposed to be a great ‘Hollywood actress’ as she says yet pulls a not so funny route of tearing at someone else. Whatever. Blake doesn’t need that, Blake is beautiful and talented and doesn’t have to take pictures of herself ‘to be cool’. She was cool without them, and she will always be cool with them to me now! :]



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