Hacker on Alleged Blake Lively Naked Photo Scandal: I Got Plenty More!

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The hacker who claims to have obtained and leaked the controversial photos of Blake Lively nude is scoffing at claims that the images are somehow fake.

Dude posted 17 additional pics, one of which appears below. The Gossip Girl star's rep has been adamant that it's not Blake. The hacker is adamant that it is.

"Oh, yes, Blake's rep. These are totally fake," he said in a statement to TMZ. "We really, really believe you. Want moar? BTW, thanks for all the faps."

We're not gonna go into the meaning of "faps," but here's a pic ...

Yesterday, we debated whether the photos are real or fake and outlined various evidence people have cited - her mole, her phone, her toothbrush, etc.

The photo above sure looks like Lively, however, several of the new round of nude pics show a woman with tattoos (no face). Does she even have any?

It's possible this image is indeed Blake, whereas some of the naked shots are not. Of course, while her face is obscured, the naked shots look like her too.

Also, sites that initially posted the whole batch of naked photos, such as Perez Hilton, have now taken them down at the request of Blake's attorneys.

Perez posted her rep's denial right along with the pictures. If they were fake, what legal grounds would her camp have to ask them to be removed?

All very interesting. Thoughts? Are the Blake Lively nude pics real?

UPDATE: Check out another interesting, possibly telling piece of evidence:

Blake Tattoo

Just as some fans noted, the tattoos shown in this photo match the ones displayed by Blake in The Town. Sure, it could be coincidence or an elaborate stunt to make some random girl look like Lively. But the coincidences are adding up.


it is a right sholder.in the mirror reflection is a diffrent from real world.this is blake.


does anybody notice that the girl on the left has a chin butt and blake doesn't..


First off..everyone gets all in an uproar with a celebrity takes pics of themself and some bored ass ubergeek, who has zero life, hacks their accounts and shares their business with the world. IF this is her WHO CARES?! I certainly hope nobody is going to act like they have NEVER taken a nude pic of themselves for someone they were with..please. The truth shall set you free. As for Blake..you go girl. If you got it, you got it. Don't worry about the haters.


I think it is wrong for you to invade there privicy. leave her alone/give her a break.


hey get over yourself already,with all your stuff everyone is crazy over,only one sayin it is you.


Whether the photos are of her or not, it doesn't make her any less beautiful. So what she might have taken the photos, the one acting in the wrong is the disrespectful person who leaked them onto the net to cause problems and try and make a fool out of her. These photos don't take away her beauty or her obvious talent.


Obviously this is not Blake. Look at the chins of the picture on the left and Blake. The picture on the left has a chin that joints inwards while Blake's chin points outwards. Clearly not her. The clothed picture on top of this story is her.


Totally fake, the hands are wrong, the nails are wrong, the eyes are wrong, the mole's wrong, she doesnt have tats and Blake has these really prominent moles on one of her shoulder blades and you can't see them here. So. Totally not her.


Definitely not her, the tattoos are in the wrong place, should be to the left, however are on the right, she does not deserve to violate their privacy with images that are not hers.


another bimbo who takes nude picture for a little public attention, and then prance around saying "I'm not that woman". etc., when she, herself, posted the pics in the first place.
Integrity is going down the hill on the showbiz nowadays.

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