Awkward Alert: Drake Accepts BET Award Meant For Chris Brown on Rihanna's Behalf

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Last night at the BET Awards, some lucky fans were chosen to present the viewer's choice award. Some serious awkwardness transpired.

Not only did the wrong person get it, the celebrities involved happened to be Chris Brown and Rihanna, with Drake thrown in no less.

Brown owned the BET Awards, taking home four big honors, one of which being the viewer's choice award. But it wasn't given to him initially ...

The lucky fan read the winner as "Chris Brown," only to recant it and say, "I'm sorry, the winner is Rihanna." The audience grumbled.

THEN, despite the fact that Rihanna's name appeared on screen one of the presenters chimed in again to award the honor to ... Drake.

Drake then appeared on stage to collect his trophy, giving a short speech and describing the whole thing as awkward. To say the least.

Presumably, at some point later, Brown was credited with the actual award ... but not before the entire process was thoroughly discredited.


On Sunday, while this was going on, I was watching the sneak peek of Extreme Chef on the Food Network. It was soo fantastic!! I can't wait until the premiere this Thursday. Its at 10pm/9c for anyone who wants to watch! I highly recommend!!


I read that Steve Harvey was recognized for his humanitarian work at the BET AWARDS (I haven't read yet how his ex-wife feel about that). It is my understanding that Gladys Knight present Patti LaBelle with The Lifetime Achievement Awards. Congratulations to both standout winners.
I find it hard to believe that both Jaden Smith and his little sister Willow Smith were tied as winners of The Young Stars Award.
I am glad that I had other things to do other than watch that fake show!!


I felt so badly for the 'fan'. To see one name printed on the winner card & another name on the teleprompter......then to have the celebrity next to me give yet a third name....egads. Bad news.


Talk about a musical triangle.
Well, there goes the credibility of The BET AWARDS!!

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