Will Blake Lively Really Sue Over Photo Scandal?

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Two weeks ago, a Blake Lively nude photo scandal hit the web, as hackers released an array of nude shots allegedly of the Gossip Girl actress.

Lively's rep, while denying the photos are of the star, threatened legal action against websites that published them. But can she even do that?

She sure can - irrespective of whether the pics are her or not, in fact - for invasion of privacy, negligent infliction of emotional distress, etc.

Whether she will is a different matter entirely.

The Lovely Lively

Lively's reps were quick to cry foul, claiming the pictures were not her, and publicly threatening legal action against any outlet who published them.

But so far, only one site (Perez Hilton) says it has been approached by Lively's legal team, and the snapshots remain published on numerous sites.

Perez indicated that he removed the first set of photos per an attorney's request, but a second set of photos released by the hacker remain online.

Gawker, Mr. Skin, Egotastic and Barstool Sports, among other websites, have posted both sets of images and proudly display them to this day.

So is she serious about suing or not?

"If she doesn't sue at all, the photos will stay put on the various websites, unless, that is, the owners of those sites develop a conscience and agree to requests to remove them," a defense attorney told Fox News.

"Believe it or not that can work, though Blake shouldn't hold her breath."

Despite the controversy, the 23-year-old – who has also made headlines recently with her new romance with Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio – hasn’t shied away from plugging her upcoming superhero flick, Green Lantern.

And getting a lot more publicity because of the rumors. Just saying.

What do you think? Are the photos actually of Blake?


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