America's Got Talent Review: For Polefessionals Only

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The auditions on America's Got Talent continued to hobble along last night, this time in New York City, where the freaks were out in full force.

Just imagine how paranoid Howie must have really been paranoid about germs, as he emerged from a zorb. That was one of the highlights of an otherwise mediocre evening...

Unimpressed Host

Tomorrow's Contenders?
Snap Boogie - The street performer had the perfect sob story and the right song to fit his character (overcoming obstacles with the joy of dance). We've seen a lot of breakers, but I was genuinely impressed by his whole routine. I can see how he would increase his difficulty level for the following competition rounds.

Michael Turco - There was something about the magician that reminded me of a combination of Donny Osmond and Billy Crystal. The best thing about his routine was the sheer speed that he transitioned between the girls. That's probably the coolest misdirection I've seen.

ELEW - I liked the whole arm bracelet thing, but there were a handful of sour notes being hit because of the way he was slamming his keys. I did love the interaction with the piano innards, yet I wished he had a bit more control. I really didn't think that "Sweet Home Alabama" was the best choice for him though.

Yesterday's Talent?
Riley Schillaci - Not only did the sword swallower give us enough gag reflex jokes through her dry interview, she hammered a drumstick into her mouth. I did like the hula hoop and Nick's interaction, but I would prefer to see yesterday's Captain.

Steven Retchless - The "polefessional" dancer had some of the best speed I've ever seen in his turns and he can definitely out dance the fire pole dancer we saw previously.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - There's a part of me that couldn't support him just because he placed his gum in his pocket. I don't think anyone would expect him to have a crooner’s voice. He was good, but there were a lot of singers this year, he'll probably get trumped by a youngster.

No Talent
Triple Threat - I knew it was going to be a bit downhill when they said that they were performers from an Amusement Park. The whole thing screamed low budget county fair.

Joel "the Cannon" - Competitive eating is not a Vegas talent, but I would love to see him attempt a hot dog challenge.

Totally Underestimated
Boston Typewriter Orchestra - I actually didn't think that the group sounded like noise. They had an original concept and I'm surprised they could even find typewriters in our computer based society.


Mr. Murphy probaly had gum in his mouth because he was nervous. Anyway, in that particular moment when asked to take it out of his mouth, what was he suppose to do with it...throw it on stage or better yet, give it to one of the judges. get real people, he made the best choice possible given the circumstances. Mr. Murphy, I am sure you now know it is not appropriate to chew gum on stage and you are phenomenal! I hope all of your dreams come true and then some.


Agreed. Landau was endearing. I am CERTAIN that leading up to him being called to the stage, he (like everyone else) was most likely chewing the gum as a sort of anxiety/nerve release. After all it was his first audition ever! I guarantee he didn't even realize it was still there. He was cute,like "Oh this? I don't need this. Consider it GONE."
.. Adorable.
He was solid. Excellent audition. Quite surprising and delightful. Anyone who would say anything just your typical, find fault with everyone kind of person. You put down others to elevate yourself.
You know who you are. At least everyone around you knows it's you even if you don't.


ELEW won't do much on this show. Why? Cuz worldwide star Josh Groban has already snatched him up for his opening act. Saw them both last week. If you didn't like the song he played on the show, look up "Diary of Jane" or "Mr. Brightside" by him on YouTube. They're phenomenal.


I think landua was terrific and so was the little girl that sang alasha keys they both will go far


I just have to say that I am in total shock! I thought this was a family show, but now I cannot bring myself to watch anymore of this show because of the 'polefessional'. Even if it were a woman, I would be disgusted. My nine year old daughter watches this show and really wants to be on it. She's been practicing, and getting her routine down, but now I have to tell her she can't watch it anymore, and will never be on it due to the lack of integrity this show displayed tonight. It sickens me to even think of how many other children were watching. I agree with Criss...if America thinks that was more entertaining than God, take us now, Lord...please. Our country is in more trouble than I thought.


I had the upmost respect for Piers last night. In my opinion that was a freak on stage. I didn't think he should of been on stage. I had my Grandaughts leave the room. They didn't understand why a man was wearing ladies shoes. This world is in a world of hurt and its not getting any better. If people think that was entertaing than God take us all now


sharon and piers should be replaced with someone that has a sense of humor.


Why does Piers always oust the homosexuals? He's got some serious drag, no pun intended.
Landeau was my favorite of the night followed closely by Elew, because I feel like Elew has some hidden potential that was killed by his mannerisms and sour notes.


Finally a good ole West Virginia boy came along and kicked butt!! We have been embarrassed and put down as a state for decades and none of the sh!t they say is even close to the truth! I hope Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. goes far and even if he doesn't win it, his voice is out there now. No stopping from here on out.


I found Landau endearing, especially when he put his gum in his pocket. When he opened his mouth and belted out that song, he blew everybody away. It was one of those amazing moments this show usually only pretends to deliver. Hopefully Landau will make it to the final and beat whatever moppet they're pushing on us this year.

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