Vicki Gunvalson on Divorce Chatter: My Bad!

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Vicki Gunvalson feels guilty.

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    Vicki has tried to get sympathy for two years for Brianna and her health issues. But Brianna eloped to keep Vicki from butting into her life. On the reunion, she admitted she treated Donn badly. He is staying at their home and paying now because she can not afford it. He could move out and save himself a bundle. She is aware that he is ill but is now complaining because he wants spousal support. Anyone who loves money as badly as she does, deserves nothing. I hope Donn gets every cent he ask for. Her love for money far exceeded her love for her family of friends. She can lie all she wants aboutt being close to her kids, but their friends tell a different story


    Vicki has been railroaded by bravo editing. They switched up the timing of things to make it seem she was with Brookes on vacation, the ex-con new man, while still married to Don. They photo/video-shop chicklet teeth on her face. And are we to really believe Tamra's face is so hard and sickly, while Vicki maintains that healthy supple leatherbag face so well.


    Vicki was seeing "this man" when she went on a trip w/Tamara, he's in the pool... der! Tamra said "he looks just like donn"

    Vicki is a back stabbing "B" They need to bring GINA back,, Gina is a class Act,, for Vicki to choose "tamara"

    Gina, you've got too much class for Vicki and Tamara... Tamara is only seeing eddie because he's got money, ,,,, does Tamara have anything good to say about anyone... she' needs to leave all the other housewives alone,, and stay out of Gretchen and Slades business...

    I wish they would get rid of Vicki and Tamara,, bring Gina back, and someone else.... those two ARE ToXIc!


    Vicky, i respected you once as a professional woman but later your relationship with Tamra has ruined your reputation. I believe you got caught up in the hype and tried to become a replica of Tamra- WHY?

    You treated your husband like s***. He deserved better than that. I don't understand how you can carry on with the show and befriends with Tamra. She brings out the worst in you. How could you choose that w**** over Gina who is more your on your wave length? what have you done to your self?


    I just LOVE how Vicki has bad-mouthed Slade and dumped her respectable husband for a LOSER like Brooks! HYPOCRITE!!!


    Vicki new just what the hell she was doing. She has been bad mouthing, disrespecting and talking about Don since RHOOC came on. Now she wants America to think that she made a mistake by talking to Tamra and not knowing the camera's or mic were on and rolling. Whatev Vicki. You got what you deserved. How Great is Karma. You end up with a man that is everything that you said about everyone else's man or husband. Wow.


    Go 'bleed out your ass', Vicki, you crude, ugly lowlife! Hope Tamra (she is HIDEOUS. grotesque, evil and hard looking) starts bleeding out some orifice, as well!! GROSS! Deadbeat Dad, DUI, convict, adulterer...great guy, Vicki, you dumbas*.


    Girls, check out the Cabo scene in the pool on her and skanky tamra "girls trip". It was Brookes!!!! omg this hobag has been cheating on Donn for years. She is a lying, piece of trash. Both of these cun*s tried to deflect their immoral, disgusting behavior onto Gretchen!! I LOVE IT. And Brooke is a deadbeat DAD to children with his exwife and an illegitimate kid he had while married and was thrown in jail! ALso convicted of DUI! omg Vicki wrote a letter to the judge to try to get him out of jail while STILL MARRIED to poor Donn. Donn, you were smart not to have kids with Vicki. RUN while you can, dude!!!


    She needs a new face AND personality.


    wow you guys are harsh! I agree Vicki was very busy making a living but she also wasn't getting what she needed from Don which made her work more. If your not happy home thats the last place you want to be. Vicki is to blame but Don could have been more affectionate with her and maybe things would have turned out differently. And BTW she has admitted to her part in the demise of their marriage and she hopes Don does find happiness. I feel for vicki since I am sort of going through the same thing. A woman needs to be loved like a man wants to be respected!

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