Osama Bin Laden Home Videos: Vain, Creepy!

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The late Osama bin Laden can be seen watching TV coverage of himself and rehearsing some of his diatribes in home videos released by the Pentagon.


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    This is just wasteful airtime,we need to see the Bi
    n Laden's body .it's ok watch American planes crashing into the twin towers and watching people on fire jumping to their deaths on 911,but we can't disrespect the murderer by showing his body.All we get to see are dirty rooms in a dirty house,something is definately wrong with this picture.


    For real? they need to stop and anybody who actually believes that that is Osama is a dam fool.. I don't believe he's dead..Just another stunt pulled by da government..I wonder why??


    you obviously don't know a thing about the art of being humble, which Osama was, so what is the need for a plasma TV? If anyone is vain it would be the Americans for thinking that they own the world. He would rather stay in a crappy home and give his millions to the less fortunate but i suppose it would be too difficult for you to understand that concept. if you cannot say anythign nice, rather keep quiet....you time in hell is fast approaching.


    Ummm, really? They expect us to believe THAT'S Osama? Really?!?! I'm offended that these a-holes think we are that stupid & naive. It's insulting.


    It is good for the world he is gone. Obama is great.


    I agree with rramdas and leo too but I disagree with lex. I don't feel like we are celebrating him at all. This was a mysterious person to us and we are getting to learn about him, not celebrating at all.


    i agree with leo and rramadas but im honestly tired of hearing about this guy. we matter as well had a funeral for him the way we celebrate him. Sheesh. bored already


    This infamous villain was just hanging around waiting for our military A-Team to take him out!!


    i believ he had loose nuts in his brains to want 2 live such a tearful boring life. busy killin instead of stayin rich!

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