Luther Campbell Lays Out Miami Mayoral Platform

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Hey, it worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not as well for Mary Carey.

But Luther Campbell, a former member of rap group 2 Live Crew, claims to be serious about his bid to become the next Mayor of Miami-Dade. Earlier this week, the celebrity penned a commentary that outlined key aspects of his political platform.

Luther Campbell Picture

Luther Campbell will do whatever it takes to get to know the citizens of Miami.

Among them:
  • Open casinos in area hotels.
  • Follow in the recent voting steps of Los Angeles residents and allow medical marijuana dispensaries to boost the economy.
  • Construct movie studios.
  • Partner with Universal Studios or Disney to build a water theme park near Miami Marine Stadium.
  • Aiming for a "Bourbon Street is every part of the county," pour resources into Little Havana, Little Haiti, Overtown and Allapattah.
  • Bring more sporting events to the region.

So, does Campbell have your vote?



I think my vote is for Robaina, he was endorsed by governor Jeb Bush and yesterday he was endorsed by congressman Diaz-Balart. Check his commitments and proposals to face Miami-Dade's problems, I think they're very objective.


The one problem Luther has is that in order to run for a political office you have to have voted in your lifetime. It also helps if you can read and write also. PS - Leave Miami to the Cubans. They have made it into a great city so why change it?


I remember the big uproar over 2 Live Crew back in the day. It was so huge back in the early 90's. People called these guys every name in the book and acted as if they were the sole reason for decline in our society. They were not the evil people made them out to be they were just guys out to shock people. I don't think however, that Campbell would make a good Mayor. Not because of 2 Live Crew but because he really won't want to deal with the day to day stuff involved in the job.